WOMEN'S HEALTH...(and happiness)

You may ask why "women's health" is being discussed on a site which is supposed to be about makeup.


I'll tell you why.

Makeup can only help fix and beautify what's on the outside. Most of my website focuses on makeup application tips & techniques, eye shape dilemmas, colors which suit you best, etc...

All my makeup tips & techniques are meant to help beautify everything external and superficial. These tips can help any woman feel more beautiful and empower her with a confidence never once had. BUT, if there is little inner beauty or health, how can you be complete? For example, we are always tired, sluggish, experience acne problems, joint pain, diabetes, etc... We may look good on the outside but on the inside we're simply...well, ugly!

Women's health on the other hand fits in to my "beauty" category as beauty, in fact, is really about health and happiness.

According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, a cardiothoracic surgeon and health expert on the Discovery Channel and on Oprah, identifies THREE levels of beauty: looking beautiful, feeling beautiful and being beautiful. He states: "there are, in fact, scientific standards to beauty. Beauty is purposeful because it's how humans have historically communicated who we are to potential mates. Beauty in fact, is really about health and happiness."

In looking beautiful the docs discuss the correlation between self-esteem and health. In looking beautiful, we try to look great from the outside with clothes, makeup, jewellery, hair color, etc...

We are also reminded that beauty means nothing if we have the energy of a slug. Being beautiful discusses relationships and achieving happiness with the ultimate goal of having all three levels of beauty working together.

So having said all of this, let's get started on discussing some typical women's health and beauty topics in hopes of putting all of this information together to achieve bigger and better things in all aspects of women's health, beauty AND happiness.

To top it all off, make sure to take in many of my makeup tips to compliment the area of inner beauty. They truly do go hand in hand :)


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