Wide Set Eyes...are more than one eye-length apart.

If you have eyes that are too far apart, you will want to apply your eye makeup in such a way that they will appear closer together.
The trick?

When you have wide set eyes, focus your eye makeup application to put emphasis on the inner third of the eye.


This will draw attention to the inner area of your face at the level of your eyes, thus creating an illusion that your eyes are closer together. See diagram below.

Alright, as you can see from this diagram, the darker colors are focused to the inner third of the eye, slightly towards the nose. The wide set eyes seem as though they are being "drawn" together. Here's more detail on how to accomplish this.

1- Starting at the inner corners, line the eye completely, top and bottom.

2- Apply light shade on the outer 2/3 of the lid, lashes to browbone.

3- Sweep your darker color on the inside third of the lid, brushing towards the inner corner of eyes. Apply the eyeshadow from upper lashes to just below the browbone in this inner section of the eye. Blend edges into the light shade well.

4- Apply a little highlighter in the CENTER of the eye just under the brow in the middle of the eye. Applying it to the outer edge will only defeat the purpose of this eye makeup technique. It will only pull eyes apart again.

If you're going to color in your eyebrows, accent the color a little heavier at the beginning of brows. When you have wide set eyes, if possible, you need to extend the inner eyebrows in a little toward the nose without making this look TOO unnatural. Don't extend brow color beyond your natural line. Apply mascara evenly on upper and lower lashes, however, put a little emphasis on the inner lashes by coating them twice.

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