The ultimate SMOKEY EYES guide!

Creating smokey eyes have become a popular eye makeup application technique. Many women will hesitate to take on this makeup look as it might seem a little more complicated than it really is. It's actually pretty easy and straightforward, just like any other eye makeup application technique.

To start, you can work with lighter shades (ie. browns) if you feel more comfortable with this and gradually work your way up to charcoal-like colors. There are MANY variations of the smokey's a matter of what products you like to use and the look you feel happy with.

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When applying eye makeup or ANY MAKEUP, using the correct makeup brushes is of ULTIMATE IMPORTANCE. The brushes I am listing for you in the step by step guide are not expensive and yet still of excellent quality. Using the proper brushes makes eye makeup application SO MUCH EASIER and so much more effective. You'll discover this once you use them.

HOW TO GET SMOKEY EYES - easy application technique.

....Before starting, you should apply loose powder below eye with a powder puff to catch all loose eyeshadow droppings.

1a- Prep eye area.
1b- Apply foundation & concealer as needed. Don't forget loose powder over eye area to prevent "caking" of eye makeup. 

1c- Apply light, pale pink color all over upper eyelid up to brow bone (as a base color).

2- Now, add a light touch of the smokey grey color in eyelid crease as needed for the desired smokey effect. Avoid the brow bone. Sweep this color under lower lid to inner eye corner with a sponge tip applicator. Smudge. This color will give eyes added intensity.

3- Take a darker smoke colored eyeshadow and apply to upper lid (start with light application and add for more intensity) with large fluff brush.

4- Some people may apply eyeliner between step 2 & 3 but I ususally leave it to step 4 because eyeliner ends up being re-applied anyways, so save time and do it just once here. Take a black eyeliner and line the eyes , top and bottom, corner to corner. MAKE SURE TO LINE AS CLOSE TO THE LASHES AS POSSIBLE. Try to get in the lashes a bit. Smudge everywhere with sponge tip applicator.

5- Line inside of eyes with same black eyeliner pencil. This "smoulders" eyes even MORE!

**Clean away loose powder with a good powder brush**

6- Sweep same smoke eyeshadow color over eyeliner along lower lash line to finish off the smokey look with sponge tip applicator. Do this with sweeping motions towards outer corner of eye.

7- Apply, light highlighter color to brow bone and inner eyes. This adds a little sparkle and makes eyes stand out more.
Now, curl lashes & apply mascara GENEROUSLY to top and bottom lashes.

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