SKIN CARE BASICS- from the inside - out

Other "skin care basics" ways in which you can improve your skin care issues, is by taking charge of how you conduct your life. Using skin care products helps the appearance on the OUTSIDE. Many people forget the importance of taking care of the INSIDE. By doing so, many skin conditions, severity and prematurity of wrinkles can often improve when you can achieve health from the inside too. What's the best way of doing this:

-get plenty of rest

-find ways of reducing stress naturally -try to avoid smoking

-avoid dehydrating elements like alcohol and coffee

-drink plenty of water

-exercise, exercise, exercise! -avoid excessive sun exposure

-eat healthy to manage your weight

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In general, by making a few lifestyle changes and following through with a general easy natural skin care routine , you should notice changes to your complexion. Our skin is a natural outward reflection of what is happening on the inside of our bodies; therefore when possible, make wise life choices. It can help deliver a more of a youthful appearance than any creme around!

Alright, once you have cleaned and moisturized your face. Wait about 5 minutes before applying makeup. You need to allow for product absorption into your skin. Otherwise, it will be difficult to apply your makeup products. You will get caking and uneveness of your foundation/concealers/powders.

This is a good time to get dressed, brush your teeth or better yet...drink a glass of water. Now you're ready to apply the rest of your makeup!

SKIN CARE BASICS TIP#1: Use moisturizer on upper lid and lower eye area sparingly. This will prevent "caking" of makeup in the creases of your eyes.

SKIN CARE BASICS TIP#2: At times, I will use a tinted moisturizer to give me a "tanned" look. It is important that if you add this cosmetic to your makeup bag that you select a shade SLIGHTLY darker than your natural shade. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of the "tint".

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