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Need to keep things basic and quick? The simple eye makeup look is a great choice for you. This technique is similar to the classic eye technique - only very slight differences. The SIMPLE eye focuses on the upper eye area only. Follow this step by step guide on how to create this basic, yet eye-opening technique. It's an easy eye makeup routine to adapt for a great daytime look.

The best part about this simple eye technique?... easily convert it into a more dramatic look for the evening. Perfect for your night out!

Another good thing about keeping your makeup natural and simple? Simple eye makeup is also perfect look for work or job interviews. See this great website for easy to follow and practical resources on how to excel in job interviews. Get your complete and free guide to

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1- Skin care and preparation is a must for a smooth, natural, professional finish! If you're going to do it, do it RIGHT!

2- Use 2 complimentary (preferably NEUTRAL SHADES.) The first coat is your base coat and is the lightest shade of the two. It is best to use matte or satin eyeshadow textures here as you don't want too much shimmer for your daytime look. Simplicity is key!

Apply the lightest of the 2 colors on entire upper eyelid, from lashes to browbone with a medium eye makeup brush.

3- OPTIONAL Apply dark brown pencil eyeliner or gel eyeliner on upper eyelid, from inner to outer corner. This step can easily precede the base eyeshadow application. If you choose to put on your liner before the base coat, you will likely have to touch it up afterwards. It's your choice. Either or works fine. Keep your look soft and extend your pencil line slightly to create a subtle cat eye. See example of a soft cat eye here.

4- It's CREASE TIME! Apply your darker shade and work it into the crease of your eye with another medium eye makeup brush. Use back and forth motions from inner to outer corner of eye. Blend well! You don't want too much of an obvious, distinct line in the crease of your eye.

4- Now that you're finished with eyeshadow, apply one coat of black mascara to upper and lower lashes. Two if necessary.

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