RED LIPSTICK: choosing the right one

A lot of women shy away from red lipstick, but anyone can wear it. The most important thing to consider when wearing red lipstick is picking the right shade. All reds are not created equal - finding the right one for you and wearing it properly will make all the difference.

REDS are divided into two basic categories:

1 - Cool blue-based shades (such as cranberry or wine). Blue-based reds flatter women with pinker, rosier skin tones

2 - Warm orange-based shades (such as brick red). These reds are more appropriate for women whose skin has golden, peach or tan tones.

If your complexion has undertones of pink, violet or blue, you have a cool complexion. Your makeup colors should have similar undertones. Colors with undertones that are warm (yellow) will be less becoming for your complexion.

If you have a cool complexion, choose cooler reds like a true red or a pinkish red. You need to lean towards the reds with a blue or pink base. If you have a warm complexion, choose warmer reds with a brown base, like a brick or rusty red.

To help narrow down your search even more, here are some other criteria for you to consider:

For dark beige and bronze skin:

- a deep cool red lipstick with a burgundy tone is perfect for you.

For ivory and light beige:

- I recommend a cool true red. However, if you have a very fair complexion, look for a red with a pink tint to it.  

For pale skin & red hair:

Avoid: blue reds.

- Very pale with freckles, and burns easily you have pink (WARM)undertones.

- choose terracotta reds or deep brick reds which complement skin and hair.

Medium skin, mid-brown hair:

Avoid: tomato reds.

- choose COOL reds such as berry reds or deep raspberry.

Fair skin, blonde to brown hair:

Avoid: terracotta reds.

- you have mostly pink undertones. - try blue-red lipsticks as these make skin appear creamier.

Olive skin, brown hair:

Avoid: blue-reds.

- Go for tomato reds or deep burgundies to make skin look brighter.


- Because red lipstick is very dramatic the rest of your look needs to stay subtle. Keep your eye shadow light & go for one shimmery, allover eye color. Add black eyeliner as close to the lashes as possible and mascara. Keep blush to a natural tone. Your look is now complete.

- Don't use a bronzer which can look cheap with red lips. Keep to earthy shades on the eyes, with nothing else but black mascara on lashes.

- Do add some shimmer gloss to the centre of the bottom lip for evening. It makes lips look bigger, too. Avoid applying all over or you'll look like a siren.

- One big no-no: It's best not to match your red lips to your outfit.

Look for newer formulas of red that aren’t too matte and have just the right amount of sheen. The heavier the pigment, the more intense the color. If you want to start slowly, go for a translucent red.

Lighter, sheerer lipstick formulas are best for daytime wear, while evenings call for richer cream or matte lipsticks. For less adventurous wearers, lip gloss is an excellent alternative to a full-on red lipstick.


Properly conditioning your lips for a dose of ruby glamour requires much of the same prep work as for healthy skin. This preparation is ESSENTIAL to proper red lipstick application.

1- Exfoliate your lips just like you do the rest of your body. After a warm shower use a lip smoother to get rid of flakiness and dry spots. This lip pumice allows for smoother application of your favorite lipstick or lip gloss.

2- Moisturizing also is essential for smooth, shiny lips. Give your lips a pre-lipstick coating of Vitamin C to help lips resist chapping, for hydration and to give you a smooth canvas for Rich Formula Lipstick.

3- Lip plumpers also help soften lips and temporarily fill out those fine lines and wrinkles that cause lip color to bleed or fade faster. These products are sure to perfect your red lipstick application.

Now, you're ready!

Want my recommendation on a fantastic red VERSATILE lipstick. C'MON LADIES - GO RED!!! 

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