Power Makeup for the Eyes

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

Eye makeup is very powerful that it could make eyes look larger or smaller with certain brush and shading techniques. With eye makeup products, you can fashion depths and richness into one’s eyes. It is another form of art that takes a lot of practice to be really good at.

When you apply makeup to your face, the eye makeup products should go first before anything else. The order must be (1) eyeliner, (2) eye shadow, and then (3) mascara. Eyeliner defines the area that would allow you to apply eye shadow properly, and then apply the mascara.

A good bristle brush is an excellent tool to use for the best application of eye shadow. Don’t go with sponge applicators with eyeshades. Good bristle brushes could let you easily blend and apply the shades in a smoother and cleaner way along the creases.

The eye shadow colors would be your personal choice; try the same shades of your eye color as shadows. Use a blue eye shadow if you have blue eyes and you will be amazed how it beautifully enhances the color of your eyes. On the other hand, if you are going for a dramatic effect, use darker colors such as deep brown, black, or gray, with dark eyeliner. This quite stark look is best for evening events. Using it in daylight will make your look a little garish. For darker eyes, use metallic eye shadows. Normally, tones of gray and silver could add richness to a dark pupil.

Just like any skill, experience and practice will come in very handy. First-rate makeup skills could turn any plain Jane into a beautiful goddess.

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