Neutral smokey eyes are the PERFECT alternative to the standard, charcoal smokey eye. Not ready to incorporate dark, intense eyeshadow colors on your eyes?

No problem.

I have developed this step by step eye makeup guide for those who wish for more of a daytime smokey eyes look. It's still the sexy smokey look you're looking for, however, with neutral eyeshadow colors. Basically, a smokey eye can be achieved with various eyeshadow colors. The ones you pick depend on your personal preferences ( ie. time of day, occasion, effect, comfort zone, intensity desired, ect...). You can experiment with plum, blue, gold, green or amber smokey eyes. The choice is yours!

A neutral smokey eyes is more toned down and lighter than the conventional one. It's a great way to start learning how to master the smokey eyes technique. There's no better way to start off by learning eye makeup application with less intense eyeshadow colors. When you've practiced enough and feel confident about your technique, start experimenting with more colors. Remember, make the whole process a fun learning experience!

As you graduate from this easy neutral smokey eyes look, see the image of the more intense smokey eyes makeup version down below. Work your way up to more intensity when you're ready - what a fun way to test your artistic abilities. Before you know it, you'll be a pro!

Step by step neutral smokey eye makeup application technique:

1- Once eye area is prepared with foundation, concealer and powder, choose 2 shades such as these:


2- Apply coral/salmon eyeshadow shade all over upper eyelid and into crease. Sweep along lower lashline too.

3- Take the a medium nutty neutral shade and apply to 2/3 of outer upper eyelid with a medium makeup brush. Line lower lashline with angled makeup brush with this color too. Blend, blend, blend.

TIP: Remember that you can also use dark eyeshadow shades to get a soft smokey eye - use colors lightly. For more intensity, simply apply more color. This saves you from buying many different eye makeup colors.

4- For a softer look, use the darkest brown eyeshadow and line the upper eyelid from inner to outer corner with an angled makeup brush (wet it beforehand for more intensity). Use liquid/gel eyeliner for the ultimate smokey eye.

5- You can stop here if the smokey eyes achieved is in your comfort zone. If you prefer more intensity, use the darker brown eyeshadow shade, and apply to 1/3 of outer upper eyelid with a small makeup brush. Blend. Line 1/3 of outer lower lashline also.

6- Never forget black mascara. Curl them with an eyelash curler and apply 2 coats.


To get a deeper, more intense neutral smokey eyes look, modify your technique a bit. Start off by applying the salmon shade as above and sweep a dark brown shade over entire eyelid and in crease with medium makeup brush. Sweep this color under lower lashes - from inner to outer corner with a small brush. Line upper eyelids with liquid eyeliner using an angled brush. Smudge with sponge tip applicator using dark brown shade. Line inner rims of both upper and lower lids. This is the trick to the sexy, sultry and intense smokey eyes. Lastly, curl lashes and apply 2 coats of black mascara. Fill in eyebrows if desired. TA-DAH!!

Make sure that when you are creating a smokey eye look, to make everything else (cheeks and lips) neutral to prevent looking overdone.


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