Natural eye makeup

To get a natural makeup look, obviously, your makeup application technique is kept to a minimum. It is simple & straightforward- no fuss!

One of the biggest secrets in the fashion industry is applying makeup to create a fresh and natural look. You need to know how to choose neutral colors and how to use the right techniques to accent and highlight everything just right. The result - a natural, beautiful look that’s perfect day or night!

You can get a natural eye makeup look all on its own but you don't get the full effect without foundation, blush and lipstick application. To complete your natural look be sure to keep your foundation light - use a mineral makeup or non-oily, light coverage foundation. If using concealer, be sure to blend well.

1- Start by applying your eyeliner. Start with eyeliner because you don’t want to try and apply it after you’ve dusted on your eye shadow. You can always touch it up after applying your eye shadow. Here, you have alot of variety as to how you want to apply it. There are many ways to get a natural look. The trick is to keep the application to a minimum - NO THICK LINES & KEEP THE LINER AS CLOSE TO THE LASH LINE AS POSSIBLE.

a- use 2 different colors of eyeliner - a dark color (ie. dark brown or black) & a lighter one. Line the inner third of of upper and lower eyelids with lighter color and remaining area with darker one. Using pencil eyeliners is the easiest method.
Keep in mind that the pros don’t really use pencils or liquid. They use eyeliners that are solid little cakes that you mix with water to make into liquid, or similarly, gel liners. It’s not as quick but it gives you a lot of control when you mix it yourself.


b- Apply the liquid or gel eyeliner using an angled liner makeup brush using the same technique as above to line upper and bottom eyelids. Make sure to blend these 2 colors well.

2- Follow with eyeshadow application.You want three different colors - a light, medium and a dark color. They should have the same tone and stick to the more natural looking neutral colors. Warmer colors look great anytime and photograph the best. On the other hand, use cooler colors for a more prominent natural eye.


- rose tone family works really well

- blues, greens, purples will look great too (depending on your eye color)


- gold hues, peach and yellow tones work well

a-Apply a your lightest color from your eyelashes to your eyebrows. Brush up and away from the center of your face.

b- Now, the darkest color is applied to the crease. Blend the eye shadow really well and keep it narrower on the inside.

c- Lastly, apply your medium color from your eyelashes to the crease on the outside half of the upper eyelid and blend it in well with your light base color. Your brush strokes move in the direction of the inside corner of your eye.

3- Touch up your eyeliner if necessary.

4- Apply a coat of black mascara on top and bottom lashes.

In general, this natural eye makeup technique will apply to most women. You may vary your application slightly depending on your eye shape.
For a lesson on eye makeup application specific to particular EYE SHAPES, click here.


CHEEKS: Use a very light application of blush OR a nice alternative is to use a blush stain. The stain goes on easily and looks very natural.

LIPS: Here, no bright or deep colors are to be used. Stick to a sheer, lightly tinted lipgloss or choose a neutral lipstick shade.

EYEBROWS: Tweeze any stray eyebrows which may be growing towards the center of your face. Also, the eyebrows that are creeping down into the area of your brow bone need TO GO. The end product needs to be clean and groomed. Subtly fill in eyebrows as well with a color close to your natural brow color for a complete, polished look.

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