NATURAL ACNE TREATMENT - a simple, effective and non- toxic approach to treating ACNE

The SAFE and NATURAL ACNE TREATMENT approach - you have much more control over acne than you think!

Natural acne treatment can be VERY effective. Know that there are natural AND effective means to help your ACNE problem.  It may take a different, persistent approach to your lifestyle BUT it beats having to use harmful chemicals to treat it. These should only be used as a last resort. Ideally, a natural acne approach should be used first. Why? For many health reasons, especially as a young woman who wants to nurture and preserve the quality of her reproductive health and to also make the most of her external radiance. Oh ya!

There are many causes of acne. A diet deficient in proper nutrients, food and environmental allergies, chronic stress, hormone imbalances, pore-clogging cosmetic products can all contribute to your acne outbreaks, just to name a few. How do I know? I work in healthcare and have done extensive research in the field of natural health. I am an avid researcher and thoroughly understand human anatomy and biology. I can attest to the fact that what you put in your body will more often than none reflect what you end up with on the outside. Most of all acne problems start with FOOD but more on that later.

First, why are you getting acne?

1- OVERACTIVE SEBACEOUS GLANDS: These glands are found in larger quantities on your face, back and chest. They produce the oil that lubricates your skin's surface. When there is too much oil produced, your pores become clogged. OK soooo...why are they clogging?!

2- PROLIFERATION OF BACTERIA: There is a certain bacteria by the name of P. acnes that is routinely found on normal, healthy skin. It helps control the growth of other harmful bacteria from growing on your skin. However, when your pores clog and your dry skin is not shedding properly you are breeding the perfect environment for P. acnes to multiply and multiply. When this happens, this bacteria starts digesting the oil in your pores and produces a fatty acid waste that causes inflammation. Voila...this result is called- ACNE!

3- BUILD UP OF DEAD SKIN CELLS - For an acne prone individual, the rate at which they shed dead skin cells could be up to 5 times higher than an average person. An average person already sheds up to 30 000-40 000 cells/minute. Due to this high shedding rate in acne prone people, some of the dead skin cells will get trapped in your pores, thus causing blockages and furthermore, inflammation. Again, the end result - ACNE!


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