TIP #1: If you have dark eye circles try using less mascara on lower lashes or avoid altogether. It will draw less attention to the lower portion of the eye.

TIP #2: Always curl your lashes BEFORE applying mascara; otherwise, you risk damaging your eyelashes.

TIP #3: Clean your wand off with a dry cloth before applying mascara to remove any dry debris.

TIP #4: Avoid pumping the wand in the tube. It will dry out your mascara prematurely. Instead, twirl it around.

TIP #5: When applying mascara, zig zag the wand at the base of the lashes. It's the mascara placed near the roots (not the tips) that gives the illusion of length.

TIP #6: Thin, short brushes are best. A thinner brush allows you to get into the corner of eyes and a short brushe give you more control.

TIP #7: Give a few extra coats to the edges of your lashes by blinking onto the mascara brush

TIP #8: For a dramatic look, apply mascara only to the upper lashes. To make eyes seem wider, apply to the bottom, too. But make sure you give lashes a light touch.

TIP #9: Try putting a tissue under your lower lashes before mascara application if you find yourself smudging the skin behind them all the time.

TIP #10: Try a mascara primer. Primers coat lashes and separate them before you apply mascara. Makeup artists swear by it. It is an added step so you may want to ue it for special occasions only.

TIP #11: Make sure to apply your 2nd coat BEFORE the first coat dries, otherwise you'll get clumps.

TIP #12: Another smudge-proof tip -- bend the wand. A top makeup artist once gave his secret to his steady hand: he always bends his wand at a right angle.

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