Choosing the RIGHT makeup colors

It can sometimes seem impossible to know which makeup colors are the "RIGHT ONES". There's so much variety out there with every single color shade known to man, I wouldn't blame anyone for being confused. Let me try and simplify the process with these basic steps.

The most important thing about choosing your makeup colors is knowing whether your skin is cool or warm. In other words, know the undertone of your skin. An undertone can be described as the subdued hues underneath your skin. I found this particularly difficult and tricky at times.  

Using the incorrect shades can make your skin look very shallow, hence your look will be unflattering or may not bring out your best features.

Do you have cool or warm undertones? Here are 7 great tips that can help you:

1- Have a look at the veins in your arm.  If your veins look blue or purple, you have a cool undertone. If your veins appear more on the green, you have a warm undertone. If it's hard to tell and the color seems to be a mix of blue, green and/or purple, you are very likely to have a neutral undertone.

2- If you can easily wear BLACK, you are COOL. If you easily look washed out wearing black, you are WARM!

3- If you look better in pure white rather than ivory-COOL. If you look better in ivory-WARM.

4- Test your jewelry. Do you look better in silver or gold jewels. Gold is warm, and silver is cool.

5- Many times, those with lighter skin have a cool undertone.

6- Your hair and eye color can also help differentiate between cool and warm and will determine your complimenting makeup colors. Usually,  those with blue, grey and green eyes are cool. Natural hair color can also be blond, brown or black. Women with warm undertones tend to have brown, hazel, amber eye color. Their hair color will range from red, brown or amber hair. In other words, if you have natural brown hair with a hue of red, copper, amber, chances are you fit in the warm undertone category.

7- Another indicator of having a cool undertone is if you burn easily. Primarily, you are cool if your skin turns pink first (bummer!). Warmer under toned women, when in the sun, will have skin that will tan more easily into bronze colored shades first (gotta hate them right?).

With this list, you should be on your way to determining makeup colors suitable for your skin tone.

There is also a NEUTRAL category. So far, I talked about cool and warm but at times, someone can actually have both skin undertones. It is less common but for someone who is neutral, they look good in both silver and gold and their skin has an equal balance of warm and cool undertones. Basically this means that it's difficult to place them in a warm or cool category because there is a little of both undertones present.

If you look good in light peach, soft rose, placid blue, jade green colors, chances are you fit in the neutral undertone category. Kate Middleton would be an example of someone who has a neutral undertone. It can sometimes take a trained eye and lots of practice to accurately assess everyone's undertones so it is not unusual to make mistakes or to have a different perception than someone else. Be patient :-)

Makeup Colors for Celebrities


Scarlett Johanssen, Anne Hathaway, Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Hurley, Courtney Cox


Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Anniston, Beyonce, Jessica Alba, Julia Roberts

Makeup colors: The history...

After doing a little bit of research on the history of color theory we found out why the whole "makeup colors" theory is actually a "thing". Initially, the goal to having the right, complimentary colors for your particular skin undertone was to make a person look to your face and not to distract from it. Colors, if properly chosen, can increase the chances that someone will be drawn to your face. We thought it was interesting that people actually go to the lengths of analysing color to increase the potential for someone to maintain their focus on you. Ha! This is, however, the truth.

So what makeup colors can you wear if you have a warm or cool undertone? So what does this all mean exactly?

So it goes like this.

With a warm undertone, you can wear earth tone colors very well and it looks good on you. You can wear brown, green, rust, olive, teal, copper, celeri, banana, coral, peach, etc.. Those warm colors come from the orange, red and yellow families as they remind us of the sun. As far as jewellery goes, gold is the way to go.  You can still wear silver but it will not compliment your skin tone as much of the gold. If you decide that you only want to wear cool colors on one day, it's never a bad idea to throw in one warm color to balance everything out.

With a cool undertone, you will look better in colors such as black, white, navy, plum, cobalt, pink, grey, turquoise, emerald, red, especially when some of them are pastels. Cool colors fit in more with grass, water, and anything opposite to the warm colors on a color wheel. When it comes to jewellery, silver works the best for cool skin undertones. This interesting website shows women with warm AND cool makeup colors on each half of their faces. See if you agree with the choices made.

TO SUM THIS UP: Makeup colors that have the same undertone as you or your skin undertone will always make you look more radiant.

So how do I know if a color is warm or cool?

Have a look at the color wheel below.

WARM HUES = yellow, orange and red

COOL HUES = violet, blue and green

If you draw a straight vertical line through the red and green, you can see the clear separation of warm and cool colors.  The warm side will be on your right and the cool on your left. You can actually feel the effect that these colors have on your senses.

Now to complicate things a bit, (BUT explained simply) each hue has a warm and cool component to it. For example, we can have a warm or cool yellow, orange or red. The same goes for blue, gree and violet. Got it?

So, now that you have a much more detailed understanding of warm or cool skin undertone, you can then differentiate between for example, a "warm pink" and a "cool pink". A warm pink is a peachy pink. A cool pink would be a purplish pink. A warm green would be a yellowish green. A cool green would be more blue. 

AND...just to make things clear, anyone can wear any color they feel like wearing without following these "rules". Really, it all boils down to that. Please know that whatever color you choose to wear, do so with confidence.  It doesn't really matter what others think, as long as you feel good with whatever choice you have made. 

To see this best selling WARM toned neutral colored eyeshadow palette follow this link. For COOL neutral shades, this palette is amazing!


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