Hi! Welcome to the comprehensive Makeup Artist Directory Information page via the website.

This directory will provide you with information on how to help make your makeup artist search a little easier. Whether you are looking to browse through the recommended worldwide listings, whether you need to hire someone for makeup artist jobs, for your wedding day, or any other event. Select the country of interest, then look for your city/area. We are consistently and constantly adding new information to this directory so please check back regularly for up to date listings.

We also have a high regard for talented makeup artists and many times they don't get the recognition they deserve. Many are indeed true professionals and could use the online exposure. For those artists, we look forward to giving you the opportunity to share your work in our directory for FREE. Yes you saw that right - FREE! Thousands of potential clients or students visit this page every month shouldn't they be finding you here?

So what does a FREE listing feature?

-Your name/business name

-Your personal photo or business logo

-Live link to your website (if you have one)

-A description of your services, specialties (up to 300 words)

-Free updates and modifications

-And more...

This is a very unique offer you will not find anywhere else. Thousands of potential customers visit our site each month. It is a rare opportunity to advertise and to be able to reach this specific audience for free but know that when we help you, you help us too.  We all also help those who are searching for high quality and accurate information to find what they need. 

If however, you're looking to add some additional features on your listing and you are looking to target an even larger audience we can do that for you too.  You can upgrade your listing and incorporate many convenient, efficient, practical and pretty fancy tools on your webpage. It could be quite luxurious actually...You definitely won't be a regular Joe with the Upgraded listing. 

What additional features does an UPGRADED listing have?

-Up to 4 extra photos of your work

-A personal contact form (goes directly to you!)

-A section dedicated for reviews and ratings

-Embedded social media functions

-Unlimited text on your wepage

-3rd party avertising removed

 CoMING SOON!! - samples of the FREE and UPGRADED listings!

Check back again soon or contact us asap using the form below or email us at

05 Colborn

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