If you are applying a liquid eyeliner for the first time, keep in mind that this is not the easiest task, especially if your hand is a little shaky. You may not achieve perfection the first time around but you must persist and practice, practice, practice! In the end, as this effect is so striking, it's well worth taking the time to master this technique.

As there are various types of liquid eyeliner, I prefer using a wet eyeliner makeup brush and a Ben Nye black cake liner. This liner makeup is found in specialty makeup stores but I'm sure they have similar products in department stores. It is hard in consistency when dry and gets creamy when water is added to it.


1- Dip angled eyeliner brush in water and dab excess on tissue.

2- Sway brush in cake liner until it becomes thick and creamy.

3- Dab along upper lashline. I usually prefer to start dabbing from the center of the upper eyelid and then work my way in. Then from center again, work my way out. At the outer corner of your eye, stop the line at the corner of your eye or "cat-eye" it!

TIP #1- If you accidentally smear or smudge, wipe off excess with a Q-tip dipped in eye makeup remover. This works like a charm!

TIP #2- To soften the line, use a charcoal (or complimenting color to your eyeliner) eyeshadow and blend it over the liquid liner with a sponge tip eyeshadow applicator.

5- Follow through with pencil liner or eyeshadow on bottom lid or simply leave it as is. It is usually not recommended to apply liquid liner on bottom lid. It will look a little too heavy.

6- If you follow through with pencil liner on bottom lid, make sure you line entire length of lower lid. Smudge thicker line at outer corner of eye if desired.

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