LIPSTICK APPLICATION -make your lipstick stay on LONGER!

1-Follow skin care and preparation routine before lipstick application.

2-Apply foundation & concealer.

3-Continue with blush , eyeshadow , eyeliner & mascara . (Some people like to apply their lipstick first, then carry on with this step. It is a matter of preference.

4-Apply lip liner.

5-Apply lipstick using a lipbrush.

Are you asking yourself whether you really need to use a lipbrush or not??If you need to ask yourself this question, the answer is probably NO. WHY? Whether to use one or not is quite simple-if you wear only neutral lip colors, you probably do not need to use a lipbrush. On the other hand, if you wear more intense shades, it would be wise to use one. There is definitely more accuracy in the application when using a lipbrush.

6- Now here's the BIG SECRET....take a tissue (kleenex) and seperate it's layers. Take 1 of the layers & cover your lips.

7- Dab a little face powder onto your powder makeup brush and dust over tissue lightly. (This small amount of powder is just enough to set the lipstick...this dramatically increases its staying power.)

8- If desired, repeat lipstick application and blot again with powder.


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