Lipstick application is fairly straightforward. Searching for the perfect lip color can be a little more challenging. As a makeup artist, I will tell you to select a color you are comfortable with, usually something subtle. Subtle??

I am often asked how a woman is supposed to confidently choose a "subtle" shade from the thousands of color choices. To make matters even more confusing, there are also many different types of lipsticks.

To understand lipstick textures a little better, click here.

The best way (now pay attention...I have a secret) to choose the perfect shade for your lips is to FIND A LIPCOLOR THAT LOOKS GOOD ON YOUR FACE WHEN YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO MAKEUP ON.

Now, another secret...flip your bottom lip out. The flesh color that you see, should resemble the "perfect" color that you choose. Furthermore, if you choose to wear a lip liner, coordinate it with the lipshade color you choose. When you find it, you WILL know. Obviously, a darker, deeper version of this shade will create more intensity.


Another recommendation I will make is to ENSURE BALANCE WHEN USING COLORS ON YOUR FACE. If you use dark colors on your eyes, use light colors on your lips, vice versa. Eyes and lips should not compete for attention.


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Larger lips: choose muted colors such as purples, browns and bronzes.  

Thinner lips: use light colors, tinted or clear glosses.

Light blondes: Choose wine, berry, cappuccino and mauve colors.

Blondes with golden hue: coral, apricot and shades of peach are more suitable.

Blondes with olive skin tones: use warm peach, brown and terracotta shades.

Redheads: warm colors such as shades of terracotta, cinnamon and peachy brown are best.

Brunettes: shades such as terracotta, cinnamon and reds with hints of brown are the most suited colors.  

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