A lipliner is used to:

-define lips and to allow for them to stand out a little more.

-prevent "bleeding" from your lipstick.

-make your lipstick stay on longer when lips are completely penciled in.

When selecting a lipliner, it's important that it is neutral and close to your lipstick color, not more than a shade darker. Before applying a lip pencil and lipstick, ensure that you have followed the skin care and preparation, foundation, concealer and dark under eye circles information provided.

The ONLY way to pencil in lips properly (in my opinion) is to KEEP TO THE NATURAL LIP LINE. If you have small lips, lining them on the outside will only make it look like you are trying too hard to make them look bigger!

TIP: to make bigger lips look smaller however, apply foundation over lips and use lip pencil just on the inside of natural lip line.


1- Ensure pencil is relatively sharp.

2- Start by lining peak of your lips.

3- Line bottom edge of lower lip followed by outer edges.

lip liner application

4- Connect the lines with a feathering motion.

TIP: Feathering in one single direction helps keep line straight.

5- Fill in entire mouth with pencil lightly.

6- Apply lipstick.

Want a sure way of making your lipstick STAY ON? Read this.

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