If you're going to use false eyelashes, be sure to pick a pair that will not look too dramatic...unless you're going to a Halloween party of course. My favourite pick is the graduated lash line. The longest lash is at the outer corner of the eye. This will give a sexier, cat eye look and will make a small eye appear larger. This look is especially useful for a wedding day look. It accentuates the eyes without too many harsh lines.

Make sure that you purchase a pair of lashes that suits your needs. Buy a couple different kinds of false eyelashes to be on the safe side. Remember to look for the glue at the same time...sometimes the lashes don't include the adhesive.

1- Apply false lash adhesive to the back of the eyelash band. Wait approx 45 secs for glue to become sticky.

adhesive glue application on false eyelashes

TIP#1: A butter knife is a good tool to use for applying the adhesive.

applicator for false eyelash glue

2-Starting at the outer corner of the eye and looking down with the one eye, apply the band as close to the base of the eyelashes as possible. Work from the outside and work your way in by pressing firmly.

TIP#2: Don't close your eye shut after artificial eyelashes have been set. Lashes may stick together.

TIP#3: To remove adhesive from skin, use hair waxing oil remover with a Q-tip. BE CAUTIOUS NOT TO GET ANY IN YOUR EYE!

3- Wait 4-5 mins for glue to dry. Wait longer if you can.

4- Follow through with eyeshadow

5- Line eye with liquid eyeliner. This will also hide the glue.

6- Curl lashes and apply mascara.

false eyelashes, eye make up tips


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