Apart from their color, eyeshadows also differ from one another in texture. The differences further help you in creating various looks for various occasions. Whether you need to keep things simple for an everyday look or whether you need to pull off an evening look. All different eyeshadow textures are listed below.

FROST: Usually come in fun, pastel shades that work best on younger skin. These eyeshadows give more opaque coverage and feature a white or silver sparkle. Frosted shadows can easily sink into wrinkles, making them more apparent; therefore they do not work well on mature skin.

SHIMMER: Shimmer shadows have subtle sheen and give a hint of sparkle. They offer great sheer coverage. When you sweep on the color, you can still see the skin underneath. They typically won't collect in fine lines and wrinkles; therefore they are ideal for more mature skin. The lightest shimmer shades work really well for highlighting recessed areas of the eyelid. The darker shimmers work great for adding drama without being as harsh as the dark matte shades.

SATIN: These shadows fit perfectly in a category between shimmer and matte. They are a little shinier than matte yet not nearly as shiny as shimmer. This texture works well on all skin types therefore a good selection for all skin types.

MATTE: These eyeshadows are the best for creating a natural look. They also create the best finish when using mid-tone shades because of their natural appearance. These shadows usually contain a higher level of color pigment and work very well for reshaping and defining the eye.

CREAM: This texture has a lightweight skin-like texture. It is easy to apply and does not crease if overloaded. It also has amazing staying power. As it contains increased amounts of shimmer, it will accentuate the skin. This is therefore not a good selection for more mature skin. This eyeshadow texture also looks best in single color application, two at the most.

MINERAL: This is an incredibly light and silky texture, like cashmere on the skin. Apply the same way as a conventional eyeshadow EXCEPT when applying eyeshadow mineral makeup, use very small amounts. The pigments are concentrated, a little goes a long way.


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