EYE MAKEUP COLORS for brown , blue, green and hazel eyes

Choosing EYE MAKEUP COLORS is easy. You may not think so with all the color choices out there, but sticking to a few ground rules will make this process LESS confusing and overwhelming. Wearing eye makeup colors that suit you is to your advantage. You want to LOOK GOOD in your makeup don't you? Isn't that the reason you put it on?

Of course it is.

Read up on the information on your particular eye color and I guarantee you will see the change, for the better of course. You'll have chosen the best suited colors to compliment or enhance your eye color and skin tone.

There are two things to consider when you are choosing eye makeup colors: your skin and your eye color.


First, decide whether you have a warm or cool skin tone. This will narrow down your search.

Then, contrary to popular belief, pick shades that don't EXACTLY MATCH your eye color if you want to focus on having more of a dramatic eye makeup look.

The reason for this?

If you perfectly match your eyeshadow to your eye color, your eyes look monochromatic. This means your look may feel a little boring as everything is all ONE COLOR. If you are looking for more contrast, always vary the shade to make things a little more exciting. Your eyes will than you for it ;)

On the other hand, if you are more comfortable with the monochromatic look, there is nothing stopping you from using the same makeup colors as your eyes. There are no rules remember:) My tips are simply guidelines to help you achieve the result you are looking for.


Women with brown eyes are LUCKY!!

They have the widest selection of shades available to them. Playing up brown eyes isn't difficult at all. Almost any color will suit them.

Greens, champagnes, bronzes, golds, browns and blues are just some of the shades that play beautifully with brown eyes. You can also try shades of beige, peach, corals, copper, pinks, pale purples (pinky purples) and browns. Brown eyes also look great in grey, plums as well as burnt oranges.

The intensity of color you wear depends on your skin tone. The lighter the skin tone, the less intense color you would use. The same rule applies to darker skin tones.


Try a “ browny orange “. Also, taupe, gray, violet, purple, deep blue, silver. To emphasize blue eyes use brown and rose shadows. Warm hues will contrast the coldness of blue eyes, making them really pop.

Don't go for aqua or cerulean shades that will compete with your blue color. Go with a very different-colored shadow for an eye-opening contrast.


Perhaps try a pimento brown – this contains a subtle red undertone that is cooled & tamed by the dominating brown.

Many women with green eyes have fair skin and freckles. If you have a light complexion, try to avoid eye shadow that is too deep or shimmery. However, some women with green eyes have olive skin. These women should avoid silver and blue shadows.

All women with green eyes look great in brown colors from light beiges to deep chocolate browns. Purples and pinks also complement with green eyes. Some people will suggest that you shouldn't wear green shadow if you have green eyes. However, light green can be very flattering when applied sparingly.


Women blessed with hazel eyes are envied by everyone else. They are able to enjoy the widest spectrum of shadow shades. While eye colors such as blue or brown depend upon a specific shade or two for optimal beauty, hazel eyes support a wider sampler platter of color choices. It's almost like dipping into all colors for brown and green eyes together.

If you have hazel eyes, avoid using an excessive amount of blue-hued shadow. It can dull down hazel eyes and have the opposite effect of what you hope to achieve.

Go toward more neutral colors such as brown. Gold, pink, lavender, plum, khaki and mocha are great ones too. Purple shades contrast your color, making eyes look dramatic. Warmer shades of mocha complement the green hue in hazel eyes, giving a natural effect. Soft pink is another good color. It is irresitable for a romantic look. Another great, vibrant color to use is a teal hue like the one in the palette below. It can really make your eyes pop!

Another general guideline for eyeshadow application is this - OPPOSITES ENHANCE.

When choosing a dark contrasting color, there are many approaches. Here is one. To further enhance your eye color, choose an accent color that is opposite of your own eye colour. The two colors side by side (your natural eye color and the eye shadow) intensify each other instead of competing.

This is where the color wheel comes in handy. Colors on the other side of the color wheel make the best contrast colors. If you have green eyes, select purple, pink, lilac shades. for blue eyes, choose peach, gold and browns with a red or orange undertone to make eyes POP!

The same applies for brown and hazel eyes. Get the picture?


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