How to apply eyeliner - step by step guide

Eyeliner is a magnet for attention. It draws attention to the eyes and makes them stand out. If you choose to use it on your eyes, I recommend using colors such as brown, black or charcoal to start. Once you get into more dramatic and creative looks, you can incorporate eyeliner colors such as navy, purple, maroon, green, etc... With matching eyeshadows, these colorful looks are smashing!

For a more subtle look however, choose the brown. For a little more intensity, line the eye with black.

The 3 most common ways of applying eyeliner are:





Whether you're using a liner pencil, liquid/gel eyeliner or eyeshadow to line your eyes, there are simple guidelines that you should follow to ensure proper application.

1- Before beginning eyeliner application, follow proper skin care and preparation ,foundation, and dark eye circles information provided.

2-Apply your eyelid eyeshadow before lining your eyes. The liner goes on over your base coat.

3-Apply liner of your choice.

TIP:-ALWAYS, ALWAYS apply liner AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to the lashes. If you can see a space between liner and lashes, you need to go closer. You may have to practice a little before mastering this skill but BE PERSISTENT!

Now, click on the above links to gain insight on how to apply eyeliner in various ways. Get adventurous and try them all:)

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