Covering dark circles under eyes - USEFUL TIPS & TRICKS

Are you plagued by dark circles under your eyes? Do you feel self conscious without concealing makeup under your eyes? Do you feel like the makeup doesn't cover up your dark eye circles the way you wish it could? My reality. Literally.

The dark circles under your eyes are a fact of life and likely something you have to live with.

They are there, staring at you in the face, in every mirror, no matter what angle you look at yourself in. It doesn't matter what time of day it is or whether you are feeling puffy or bloated, THEY ARE THERE! The dark under eye circles persist no matter what. They don't really understand how much you would love to part with them, really.  Take a hike will ya? 

You even sometimes feel like you resemble a raccoon, especially when you're really tired, stressed or feeling under the weather. Those who know you best don't hesitate in making subtle jokes as well, about how dark your under eye circles are because they know it's an insecurity (mean right?!)

Dealing with these dark under eye circles:

1- Accept the fact that they are there and don't let them get the best of you!

2- Find a way to minimize the dark circles under eyes; therefore, get a good concealer and master the technique on how to camouflage like a pro!

3- Protect your eyes from the sun's rays. The skin around the eye area is thinner and less capable of manufacturing the firming tissue collagen than skin in other places. Use eye creams with SPF 15 or higher every day to protect from the sun's collagen-depleting rays.

4- When concealing under your eyes, you will need to counter balance the most prominent under tone of your under eye circles. A yellow based concealer corrects most of the darkness under your eyes. Yellow conteracts blue/purple so be sure to avoid anything else. Any concealer that is too light, will make the thin skin under your eye appear grey. Blah. You don't want that. The common sense method is to use a very light concealer to camouflage the darkness but IT. WILL. NOT.

5- Make your eyes look bigger. Curling your eyelashes will instantly make eyes look larger by casting a shadow on the brow bone. Only use mascara on your top lashes, as the "shadow" from bottom lashes will add to any darkness under your eyes.

6- Know the power of a well-shaped brow. Shaping the brows correctly can open the eye. Follow your natural brow line - simply tweeze enough to accent the arch and get rid of strays. If possible get your eyebrows professionally shaped. It can make a world of a difference!

7- Avoid lining your eyes on lower lid. By avoiding liner, or too much of it, down below, you take the emphasis AWAY from the dark circles under eyes. If you must line the bottom, use a lighter color than the top and try to focus on the outer edge of the lower lid. Use a darker shade near the top lashes and a lighter shade as a smudge of color on the lower lash line.

8- Avoid using dark eyeshadow colors on upper eyelid. For instance, a smokey eye using charcoal colors may not work for you. Instead, try using more cool pinks, plums, nutmeg, mocha colors.

9- The SUREST eye make up technique for dark circles under eyes is a monochromatic eye. Use one light single shade of eyeshadow (matte or shimmer), and apply it to entire lid and brow bone. Then, apply eyeliner to upper eyelid. By keeping your eye makeup fresh and neutral, it works to draw attention away from under your eye area. If desired, add a little drama with a cat eye. Here are some examples of colors to use. Of course, any shade of light and/or neutral eyeshadow can work.

OK so for those with moderate to severe dark under circles, I will say this. On your quest to find solutions to diminish your dark circles, you will see how many beauty product companies claim that their cream or serum will miraculously help banish your dark under eye circles. They endlessly push their message of course, to entice you into buying their product. Marketing schemes at their finest. You fall for some, others you don't. I know I have fallen for quite a few. I have bought and used creams and serums containing medical grade Vitamin C and K, retinol, green tea, and hyaluronic acid.

Did any of them work?


When you have deep and dark eye circles, some of the serums tightens the skin under the eye to some degree but not enough to keep spending that money, in my opinion. If your dark circles are on the milder side, some products may actually help enough to justify the expense.

I have lived with dark under eye circles my whole life. The older I get, the more prominent I feel they get. The darkness under my eyes is hereditary. The thin skin in this area makes the blood supply here much more apparent. The entire under eye area looks darker than the rest of my face and has a discolored, purple-blue-brown appearance.  It's sometimes frustrating coming to terms with the fact that they will NEVER go away BUT...there are worst things in life :-).

The GOOD NEWS is that even though there are very few under eye skincare products beneficial enough that will decrease the appearance of your dark under eye circles, what you DO have control over is the type of makeup products you use and the techniques you use to diminish their appearance. Concealers (illuminating ones and non-illuminating), at this point are your go-to method. It is so important to find a CONCEALER pigmented enough to camouflage the area adequately and it is equally important or if not more important to know exactly HOW to apply your concealer so that you maximize the effect. 

BUT - before we start diving right into concealers and the technique used, it is important to have the right mindset around your dark eye circles.

10- Lastly, a highlighter will also take away emphasis from your dark eye circles. It will brighten the eye and draw attention to the upper eye away from the dark circles. Apply to brow bone and to inner corners of eyes. This is the step I love best! It totally completes the look!


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