CLASSIC BRIDAL MAKEUP - the perfect wedding day look using warm colors

There are many ways of achieving a classic bridal makeup look. In reality, a classic look is soft and beautifully balanced. It consists of flattering colours that give a timeless look and reflects impeccable style.

Bridal makeup look using warm colors

This look never goes out of style.

It is definitely clean, timeless, neutral, sophisticated and polished.

You want to look at your wedding photos for many years to come without saying: "What was I thinking?"

The best way to avoid this is to choose a neutral makeup color palette that best compliments your particular skin tone, eye and hair color. Although many women suit cool colors best, you can easily wear warm ones too. Want to know how to differentiate between warm and cool colors? Click here . It's one way to keep things toned down and natural.

Also, be sure to coordinate your makeup to some extent with your wedding color theme and time of the year. If you have a fall wedding and have chosen a theme made up of warm fall colors, it's best to choose makeup colors in this palette. In other words, pinks and plums may not be the most suitable choice. Let these colors reflect your particular style and taste at the same time.

There are other ways of achieving a classic look as there are many various ways of applying makeup. You can modify this one to a different extent with your color selection and application intensity - it's a matter of choice. Use this guide as a base to your wedding day makeup application or follow it as is.

It can be a little overwhelming considering all of these factors to find your perfect bridal makeup look, especially if you're planning on doing your own makeup.

This particular bridal makeup style can therefore look great on just about anyone. Of course, the makeup colors and application techniques can be modified slightly but it is in my opinion, the foundation to the PERFECT BRIDAL MAKEUP LOOK. Of all styles, this is my favourite one. I hope it inspires you.

Now, I will outline the basic step by step guide on how to accomplish this timeless look.

Before you begin makeup application, be sure to prepare your skin properly. Taking good care of your skin is something you must absolutely begin months in advance. See these straightforward basic skincare tips that teaches how to get on the right track for perfect, radiant-looking skin on your wedding day. I always recommend these 5 simple things for a bride's skin because I KNOW they work.

Now, let's get into makeup details!


- Before using your foundation, be sure to apply a primer. On any other day other than your wedding day, I would let you get away with skipping this step (well not really but if you absolutely must...) BUT for your BIG day, please use a face primer. The face primer creates a barrier between your skin and the foundation, evens out skin tone, helps your makeup stay on longer, absorbs oil. Altogether, the face primer helps your cosmetic application maintain high-color pigments with all day staying power. I don't know why anyone would want to chance it?
Now, apply your foundation of choice. Be sure that it is an excellent match with your skin tone. Apply foundation all over face or in areas of interest only. Make sure you blend VERY WELL. If application is not flawless, this can easily show up in your photos. Apply powder in the same tone as your foundation with a large powder blush. Do this sparingly - you don't want a "caked" look. Plus, you will likely be building up your powder application throughout the day and night - you don't want too many layers.

TIP: Don't forget to apply powder to the neck and chest. This will prevent your face from looking lighter in your photos.


***Before you begin eyeshadow application, make sure that you have applied powder to the upper eye area with a wedged sponge. This will prevent CAKING of your eye makeup.

Base coat: Sweep a gold color eyeshadow. USE a gold color. You can also sweep the same color on your lower lid for continuous color all around the eye. See this diagram of a similar classic look.

AVOID excessively shimmery products. Stick to those that are matte or that have a slight shimmer or pearl texture. See eyeshadow textures for more information.

Crease: Add a mocha color along the crease and blend well in an upwards motion. If possible, exaggerate the outer corners by continuously repeating a triangular shape at the outer corner of your eye. Blend again so that you don't see any defined eye makeup lines.

Need specific eye makeup application tips for your particular eye shape? Click here.
For a little extra depth to the outer eye corner, use a deeper shade pf mocha. Now, line eyes from inner to outer corners with a dark brown or black liquid/gel eyeliner with an angled eye makeup brush. For step by step instructions on how to do this, click here. For your wedding day, I wouldn't recommend anything BUT liquid/gel eyeliner as it shows up SO NICELY in photographs. It really plays up the eyes quite nicely.

Afraid of messing up liquid eyeliner?

Have no fear. This felt tip eyeliner can easily make this step a breeze. Less fuss with the same dramatic result. If desired, you can create a smudged look over eyeliner with a similar colored eyeshadow. To do this, take your sponge tip applicator and gently rub over your eyeliner with soft strokes with your eyeshadow until you achieve the desired look.

Line the entire lower lid or outer third area with your crease eyeshadow color with a small eye makeup brush. Smudge again with your eyeshadow to smooth out any harsh lines. To finish off your eyeshadow application, apply a light vanilla color (shimmer looks nice here) under you your brow bone and add to inner eye corners with a sponge tip applicator . This will give you a little extra sparkle. See color selection below.

Lastly, curl your lashes and apply 2 thick coats of black mascara.

As a highlighter for your brow bone and inner eye corner, use a iridescent eyeshadow.  It will catch the light just perfectly.


Many women omit the use of blush on a day to day basis. For your wedding day, this is an absolute MUST!

The reason?

You need the added color for your photographs. Otherwise, the colors won't show up. Always wear slightly more color than you would on any given day. If you tend to get rosy naturally, you have to think that your foundation has camouflaged this natural occurence...wear blush, you'll thank me for it.

When choosing your color, be sure to pick a natural looking color. More details on color selection here . When I mean, wear more than usual, I don't mean a brighter shade. Sweep your blush brush over your cheek a couple extra times to get more color intensity.

To apply:

- Start with a softer toned blush bronzer and sweep over cheeks with big blush brush.

- Use rose colored blush color and apply to apples of cheeks.

The trick is to start with less so you can add more if needed.


Again, I will emphasize the need to use color. You don't want to look washed out.

My suggestion, use a neutral liner and lipstick. Although neutral, it should have enough color to avoid making you look washed out. For a classic bridal makeup look, this is the way to go. This color must add color to the face. Of course, the intensity of your color choice can vary - go with what makes you comfortable.

One color I would stay away from is the POPPY REDS!!! Avoid anything too bright!

Remember, to ask for various opinions before making your selection. Sometimes, this can save you from a dreadful mistake.

See this step by step application guide for detailed instructions on how to apply lipstick and lipliner.


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