Cat eye makeup technique

Alright, you might not master this technique on your first try but with a little practice you're bound to do a great job! Follow my "fail-proof" advice. A pencil eyeliner is the easiest way to learn how to master this look.

Personally, I prefer using an angled makeup brush along with a liquid or gel eyeliner but it's a matter of preference. Once you feel comfortable with how to apply pencil eyeliner, take it up a notch...use the angled brush along with the liquid liner OR with a charcoal or black eyeshadow.


STEP 1- Before starting, make sure you have a good canvas to work with. Prepare your skin to maximize the efficiency of your eye makeup application.

STEP 2- CAT EYE makeup is all about your EYELINER!!! Have a good dark brown or black pencil ready. You can also use eyeshadow as your eyeliner (softer look) or liquid eyeliner (a little more difficult but more striking effect).

STEP 3- Now, apply your base eyeshadow on the entire upper eyelid...can be any color really but if you want a low-key look, use a neutral matte eyeshadow that compliments your skin tone. For a little glam and intensity, use a shimmer shadow or a deeper color such as dark taupe, brown or smokey grey, even black if desired.

STEP 4- Get your eyeliner ready! Line your entire upper eyelid as close to lash line as possible.

For a soft look: Extend the line slightly in a straight continuous line. Look in the mirror. Assess. Like it? Touch up and do the other side.

For a more dramatic look: Here's the trick. When you get to the end of the outer corner, STOP. Now, extend your eyeliner in a continuous line once again BUT using a slight upwards angle. (I usually like to aim the angle of the line toward the outer edge of my eyebrow.) Let go of your skin and assess. Like it? Touch up if necessary.





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