Bronze Smokey Eyes

I love bronze smokey eyes. The bronze color brings out the tanned illusion in all of us, especially if you've topped everything off with a great bronzer.

This is also a great way to start learning a smokey eye. The bronze colors might be more comforting than charcoal or dark brown colors. Always remember to start off your application lightly and work your way up to more intensity. It's easier to keep adding rather than substracting.

Follow the step by step eye makeup application tips & techniques below to get those celebrity-looking bronze smokey eyes. I am sure you'll look radiant with this fabulous, fashionable technique. This look is a definite MUST TRY!

If you start with bronze smokey eye makeup for your day look, it can be easily converted into beautiful evening makeup by adding more deeper, darker shades. This is why I love these neutral smokey eye looks, they can so easily be modified and amplified.


1- As usual, be sure to prep eye area with foundation and/or concealer and powder.

2- Apply light neutral base eyeshadow to upper eyelid and crease area with large eye makeup brush. Also, sweep this color under lower lashline from inner to outer corners with smaller brush.

2- Next, with medium eye brush, apply a more intense bronze based color to upper eyelid. Feather this color under 1/2 or 1/3 of outer corner of lower lash line also.

3- Add dark brown eyeshadow color to outer eye corners for more intensity if desired.

4- Line eyes (upper lid and 1/3 outer lower lid) with black gel eyeliner (smudge) OR use a small angled makeup brush, dip it in water and line yes with dark brown or black eyeshadow. Be sure to blend with sponge tip applicator for a smudged look.

5- Line inner rims of lower and upper eyelids.

6- Curl lashes and apply 2 coats of black mascara.

7- Apply highlighter if desired to brow bone and inner corners of eyes.

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