BRIDAL MAKEUP TIPS - increase your makeup's staying power

I have many great bridal makeup tips here for you. If you've decided to do your own makeup on your wedding day, you obviously DON'T want to be worrying about whether it will look good or whether it will last. For this reason, I want to educate you on how to prevent this. With these simple application tips & tricks, you will have the necessary tools to avoid any mishaps. In the end, you will know how to ACHIEVE & MAINTAIN the perfect wedding makeup application.

The following bridal makeup tips and tricks will help tremendously so follow my advice and rest assured that your makeup will definitely stay in place.

Most brides worry about the staying power of their makeup for the following reasons:

a- perspiring (stress, anxiety)

b- hot climate (destination weddings, summer weddings)

c- oily skin

d- shedding a few (or many) tears of joy

e- all of the above

Alright, here are 2 ways to avoid ruining your makeup on your special day:

1- choose the right products

2- learn how to use them correctly


MOST IMPORTANTLY...choose a good quality, oil-free foundation. For help on how to select the right shade, click here.

Every bride should use foundation to some degree. Foundation and concealer are the most important aspect to looking good in photographs. Even the tiniest blemishes can show up in your photographs. Also, since many of us don't have perfect skin, these products allow for a flawless look.

If you never wear makeup at least consider using a little foundation - it really helps even out your skin tone. Using a stick or cake foundation is a good choice. There are also many great light liquid formulas out on the market today. You can't go wrong. Applied with a sponge, coverage can be as heavy or light as you wish. Better yet, choose a mineral foundation for optimal results. Before application, make sure you moisturize with an oil-free moisturizer before applying foundation, especially for those with oily skin.

TIP #1: allow your skin to absorb moisturizer FIRST, then continue with makeup application.

TIP #2: You can use a shimmering moisturizer before you apply your foundation. This gives your skin a very subtle glow.

On the down side of things -no matter which foundation you use, a hot climate almost ensures that your face will begin to shine to some degree.

How do you combat the shine?


Always keep your powder nearby.

Use over entire face, around eyes (better to apply with a powder puff or triangular makeup sponge) and EVEN YOUR NECK. Why?

The flash of the camera will reflect off your face but not your neck. The result-

Your face will look lighter than your neck, even if you used the right shade of foundation.

Apply with a large powder makeup brush for your touch-ups. This will prevent an "overload" of powder applied during the course of the day. A good large brush will dust powder on lightly.

Other brides want a minimal makeup approach and prefer to avoid using foundation altogether. Well, there are solutions for that too. Try using a tinted moisturizer or mix a little liquid foundation with a your favourite moisturizer. Again, use a loose powder to finish off your look.



First and foremost, BEFORE applying any eye makeup, make sure you applied powder to set your foundation and/or concealer. If you only used a moisturizer, pat with a little powder too. This way, you can avoid any potential shine in the eye area. Make sure you allowed your moisturizer to absorb in your skin too before powdering.

Now, as for products.

My bridal beauty tips: try to stay away from any metallic, frost or creamy eyeshadows. These products are guaranteed to eventually "cake" in the crease of your eye. Instead, choose eye products that are more matte or of satin finish.

See here for a guide on eyeshadow textures.


Applying eyeliner will definitely give you a stunning look. However, eyeliners that are too oily will tend to smear much easier. Throw in a hot summer day and a few tears and the chance of a smudge increases ten fold.

The solution-

Use a waterproof eyeliner pencil or a gel liner. These cake/gel liners have a better staying power.

Once your eyeshadow and eyeliner is in place, be sure to apply a BLACK WATERPROOF MASCARA. Any bride who forgoes using waterproof mascara is asking for trouble. You will almost surely get some kind of a smear. Don't take the chance.


Blush is possibly one of the most overlooked beauty products, however, it is probably one of the most important. It makes brides look healthier and more alive. Powder blush is the most popular type of blush, and the easiest to apply on humid days. In actuality, it doesn't tend to slip and slide in hot weather...which is just what you need.

When you apply blush to your cheeks, make sure your makeup brush is not damp. If it is not completely dry, you can get a streaky application. For help on application tips, click here.

TIP: Being away in tropical destinations can sometimes affect the way your makeup goes on and the quality of your cosmetics. Make sure you try and keep all of your well selected products in a dry place. - Great ideas and advice for planning beach weddings that are creative, fun, romantic and easy to do!


For lip color to last in hot weather and to look flattering, there are a few options:

- find a lipstick that features a higher color pigmentation

- use a lip tint and top off with a gloss

- use a waterproof lip pencil over the entire lips and then, apply a semi-moist lipstick or gloss

Looking for a that is long-lasting, will make your lips appear fuller and larger AND virtually impossible to smear?

TIP: Matte lipstick can make lips appear dry and dull so stick to something with a little more moisture.

Hopefully, these bridal beauty tips are put to good use.



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