CLASSIC BRIDAL MAKEUP - the perfect wedding day look using cool colors

Another great way to achieve that clean, classic, elegant bridal makeup look is with the use of cool colors. Most women can sport this color scheme. It's a great contrast against most of their features, therefore these makeup colors make you stand out a bit more.

****Be sure to know that your foundation color should NOT contrast your skin tone. If you are a cool-toned individual, your makeup colors such as blush and eyeshadows colors should be cool - NOT your foundation. SELECT YOUR FOUNDATION BASED ON YOUR EXACT SKIN COLOR AND UNDERLYING SKIN TONES. See the foundation page for more information.

For step by step makeup application techniques on how to achieve this classic bridal makeup look, follow the eye makeup guide below. For face, cheeks and lips makeup application techniques, see the guide on how to apply wedding day makeup with warm colors as they are exactly the same.

Nevertheless, the only obvious exceptions with both "warm" and "cool" (except for the eye makeup section)are the colors you will be using, other than foundation of course.

This is where my product recommendations will come in handy. By following my color suggestions, you can feel confident that you have the right tools to achieve that sophisticated, classic look for your wedding day.


For this particular look, start with the a light shimmery shade and apply all along lashline and just below brow bone.

Remember to always start light with color application. It's easier to add on than it is to take off!

EYELID: Sweep over a medium neutral pink shade (far right color on palette) over upper eyelid with large eye makeup brush.

CREASE: Blend in a rose colored eyeshadow (far left eyeshadow) in crease.

To create a little more depth and intensity, add the darkest shade to outside 1/3 of upper and lower eyelids. Blend WELL.

EYELINER: Line the eye with a dark brown liquid/gel eyeliner from inner to outer corner. Use a lighter brown or plum/grey colored eyeliner to line the lower eyelid area

Don't forget - TWO coats of BLACK mascara, top & bottom!


Apply as described in CLASSIC BRIDAL MAKEUP with WARM COLORS


TIP: TO POLISH OFF YOUR LOOK apply a little powder and then use a

bronzer with a large powder makeup brush. A bronzer is a product I ALWAYS finish with. It will really complete your classic bridal makeup look.




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