Basic eye makeup application techniques

This basic eye makeup application technique is very quick - you'll have this mastered in no time. For those with time restrictions in the morning, this look is perfect for you. This eye makeup technique is natural-looking, simple and beginner basic! If you're just learning how to apply makeup or looking for new eye makeup ideas, get down to the basics. Sometimes, less is more.

Start off by trying out different neutral basic eye looks. Then try different colors. Choose shades that will suit you well. To learn how to do this, click here .

Once you get the hang of it and start feeling more comfortable with your makeup application technique, try using eye makeup colors that are a little more intense and/or a little more colorful. Before you know it, you'll become more sure of yourself and looking for more eye makeup ideas. At that point, you can make your way over to eyeshadow page for more fun, creative step by step eye makeup ideas. Learn how to do smokey eyes , cat eyes and other eye makeup looks.

Even if you're not a beginner, this basic eye makeup look is always an easy alternative to the more advanced application techniques. It is great for everyday eye makeup or is easily incorporated into your morning routine when you're rushing to get out the door. Even if you decide to use more intense or colorful eyeshadow colors, it's my top pick application technique for a toned-down, simple, yet professional look.

Remember, basic eye makeup is easy to play up afterwards, so if you're heading out for the evening, it's really not difficult to turn this into a dramatic eye look. Keep on reading to learn how to do just that!


- Prepare eye area with foundation - Gently pat down area with loose powder

- Apply eyeshadow color of choice over upper eyelid area and into the crease as shown in above photo

- Sweep color under lower lashes on lower lid from outer corner of eye to inner corner (thicker color at outer edges and gradually taper line towards inner corner)

- Apply brown or black mascara to upper and lower lashes (more on upper lashes)


As stated above, it's very easy to add on to this simple look. With each given step, the intensity increases. Here's how:

1- After eyeshadow application, apply either pencil or liquid eyeliner to upper eyelid. Smudge.

***one way to easily play this up too, is to simply choose a metallic, glitter or colorful (or all choices) eyeshadow and apply the same way as described for the basic eye technique. ****

2- Extend the line at outer corners to give you a cat-eye .

3- Line lower lashes with dark eyeliner. Either use same or lighter shade as what was used on upper lashes. Again, smudge.

4- Line inner rim of upper and lower we're talkin!

5- Apply false lashes and coat with black mascara - top and bottom.

6- Add highlighter to brow bone and inner corners of eyes.

7- Fill in eyebrows.

Now you're ready to groove!!

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