Basic eye makeup application techniques

This basic eye makeup application technique is very quick - you'll have this mastered in no time, even if you feel you have no idea what you're doing. The steps below are details to help you make sense of what this makeup look entails. The word "makeup" is sometimes just enough to make someone feel totally stressed but really, it's SO not worth the aggravation.  

Basic eye makeup is the perfect place to start practicing eye makeup application. Learn easy eye makeup techniques, then work your way up. You know you can do it, you just have to try. And remember, sometimes your worst mistakes and your numerous attempts will help you eventually succeed in creating a fantastic basic eye makeup look. Be careful, trying something new might just work out very nicely for you!

Let's create an eye makeup technique that is natural-looking, simple and beginner basic! To all the moms out there, this would be a perfect tutorial for your teenagers. These instructions are also for those "less rookie-type gals" looking for different eye makeup ideas as well. Many can benefit! 

Start off by trying out this step by step guide for this basic eye look. Then try different colours. Choose shades that will suit you well.  Want to know how to do that. Click here. Once you get the hang of it and start feeling more comfortable with your makeup application technique, try using eye makeup colours that are a little more intense and/or a little more colourful. With practice you will feel more confident with a more dramatic eye look. Woohoo! There's no stopping you know! 

When you've reached that point, you can make your way over to eyeshadow page for more fun, creative step by step eye makeup ideas. Learn how to do smokey eyes , cat eyes and other eye makeup looks. I am constantly adding new looks so check back often! Remember, basic eye makeup is easy to play up afterwards, so always start with less. So, have a few simple products laid out in front of you and we will give this a go!


Pick 3 colours of your choice.  One light, one medium and one darker shade. They should all be within the same colour family to start. For example, vanilla, cappuccino and deep mocha.

1- Start off by applying an eye primer. This helps create a smooth and more workable surface. Pat gently around the eye as this is a delicate area. 

 **Here is where you would pencil in your eyebrows if it's your thing*** 

2- Apply foundation of choice over entire face but avoid upper eye area - it gets too cakey if that is a word (some people skip this step until after your eye makeup application -I like doing it now) 

3- Generously apply a loose translucent powder under the eye - along the area just above the cheekbone - to catch any eyeshadow bits that fall during basic eye makeup application (the loose powder is swept off when you're done)

3- Apply base eyeshadow over entire upper eye surface (this is usually a neutral and/or lighter colour)

4- Use a slightly darker shade that matches the base eyeshadow and, with your crease brush, sweep back and forth in the crease of your eye (from inner to outer corner). Remember, start light and work your way up in intensity. You can even vertically widen the area of application for a more noticeable effect.

5- Take a more smaller, narrow brush and sweep some of that same crease colour under lower lash line (the entire length or outer half only). You can make that line thicker on the outer portion of lower lash line and thinner towards the inside or the same thickness over entire length. Try both and see! 

***You can stop here and your look will be complete but if you want to continue and experiment a little more (woohoo), keep reading instructions below***

6- For a more intense, dramatic eye look, use the darkest shade in outer corner of upper eye. Sweep your brush in a sideways "V" motion over the outer crease and lower lid to intensify your look.

7- Use a sponge brush or flatter brush for the brow bone. Here, you will use an iridescent eyeshadow to make your brow bone stand out. This type of eyeshadow may have "shiny" properties which gives this area of your eye a really nice glow. 

8- You can use that same iridescent shade in the inner corner of your eye to create a soft luminous effect.  Take the tip of an eyeshadow sponge brush and dab and dot inner corners. This really makes your eyes POP!

9- Now, apply eyeliner to upper eyelid for now. When you start feeling more comfortable, try the outer half of the lower lid.  If you're really adventurous, line the entire lower area. (FYI - smudging the eyeliner softens your look). More on that here.

9- Lastly take a fan makeup brush or big round brush to sweep away the excess powder under your eye.

How does it look? Did I miss anything?

For a more dramatic eye makeup look:

- Extend the line at outer corners to give you a cat-eye .

- Line lower lashes with dark eyeliner. Either use same or lighter shade as what was used on upper lashes. Again, smudge.

- Line inner rim of upper and lower we're talkin!

- Apply false lashes and coat with black mascara - top and bottom.

Now you're ready to groove!!

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