MY TOP 10 Anti-Aging Tips & Beauty Secrets (scientifically proven)

Antiaging - Does this concept sound too good to be true?

Too many of us are constantly bombarded with too much information on various anti-aging tips, images and photos of models with the most ideal and perfect, young, dewy skin and slim figures, day after day, which makes it difficult to resist the pressure of having and wanting to LOOK GOOD. Sound familiar?

The truth is, we cannot control aging. We all have "imperfections". We all get older whether we like it or not. Know the feeling? The one sure thing we do know as a human race is that we age, and this is beyond our control. BUT, what we can control is the rate at which this occurs so when it does occur, it is less dramatic and less pronounced. Incorporating simple little anti-aging techniques and healthy habits into our daily lives can make a world of a difference. It's true, there is credible scientific research behind many of the issues we will discuss here. You may not only start noticing you are looking better but feeling better too:-)

It is up to you. You try it. You have NOTHING to loose other than benefiting from anti-aging tips bound to make you happier and healthier. There is no need to try and do this all at once but I guarantee that if you do manage to slowly incorporate some of my top 10 anti-aging tips into your daily routine, you WILL notice and feel a change for the better.

What you need to do is to wrap your mind around these gradual LIFE CHANGES. It is like a "diet" - if you dive into the immense transition and do everything all at once, chances are, you won't stick with it. Being aware of the small, gradual changes and the positive effect it has on you makes WAY more of a difference.

So, if looking older and feeling unhealthy is of concern for you how to slow down the aging process and even perhaps regain and/or maintain health all at once. There are tons of anti-aging tips and anti-aging techniques, beauty secrets, much dietary and lifestyle advice which is sure to increase your longevity and happiness, which in turn makes you look and feel beautiful. You really do deserve to live the best life possible.


1- PUT THE BUTT OUT - OK.OK. I know you've heard this too many times already. You know it's an awful, potentially deadly habit but really, you just don't stop smoking. It's a proven scientific fact that smoking takes years off your life. Not only does it affect your health (let alone kill you), but also causes premature aging. Smoking robs your body of much needed oxygen and causes free radical damage. In the end, this greatly diminishes the potential for collagen renewal and causes deep wrinkles from repetitive skin creasing.

Whatever it takes to quit, do it. Easier said than done, I know, but if you wait around for the right time to try and quit, the longer this will wreak havoc on your life, looks and health. Do whatever it takes. Seriously.

2- BE SUN SMART- Contrary to previous myths, sun exposure IS good for you. It is vitally necessary for VITAMIN D production. This vitamin is essential for the maintenance of proper bodily functioning in too many ways. It is very important to allow sun exposure in moderation to help protect your skin from the harmful effects the sun CAN have on it if you don't use the sun wisely.

It is best to use a sunscreen without harsh chemicals. These will damage your skin and have negative effects on your health as well! At times, these chemicals can also completely block the sun's rays, preventing any proper VITAMIN D production. To see which sunscreens are best, see the environmental working group website.


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