About me.
Here is my real life story.

A little about me...

My name is Cari. Owner and webmaster of EasyMakeupGuide.com. Words I never imagined myself using. I had absolutely NO knowledge of computer programming website design. I had basic skills on how to search the internet and how to use email - that was about it. Today, my website is my creative outlet and my hobby. The added bonus is that it can now provide me with an ongoing income without having to attend to it every day!

Here is all how all of this began.

I was a makeup artist before I had my children.  It was a hobby and passion of mine for many years.  In addition to my full-time job in health care, I had wedding makeup bookings for most weekends of the wedding season and I LOVED it.

Fast forward to 2007. I was 7 months pregnant for my 2nd child. My priorities had obviously shifted away from being a bridal makeup artist on weekends so I had given that up. My focus was definitely much more fulfilling at home with my babies but I did miss being able to connect with clients and express myself artistically with makeup. Plus, the happy expressions on your client's faces when you were done with their makeup was one of a kind - a deep feeling of satisfaction and gratification. It's the feeling of knowing you helped make someone's life better and easier. It's knowing you made them sooo happy. It's knowing you were a teacher and helped spread your knowledge a little further. So, as I looked at different online options I could partake in, I found some information on a company that helped you build websites. It looked trustworthy but I investigated more, and more and more. I finally felt confident enough to jump right it after doing mounds of research so that was it! I was now a sitesell website owner

Wow, so now what... 

Admittingly, I did have a bit of anxiety thinking of how much work I had ahead of me, but little by little I started building my website. Was it easy? No. Did I have moments of frustration? Yes.  Did I doubt myself at times? Absolutely. Remember, I had NO KNOWLEDGE of computer program or website building. I knew how to check email and use google, lol.

So, I won't lie. It was quite a learning curve to start building this website but in such a positive way. I didn't mind the work. It was actually fun. I was talking about things that were of interest to me. I felt empowered after listening to the action guided videos. They were super easy to understand, even for someone like me, who was previously completely clueless about this whole process. It took about 2 months to get a good enough base to incorporate Google Ads. Every day, I made progress and that was encouraging. I was beginning to understand the world of web design which is something I NEVER imagined myself doing. I just typed and typed and away it went. There is fantastic, reliable support if clarification was needed as well. Tons of experts online who are waiting to answer your questions

Now, here I am today, writing about my success through this wonderful journey just as I had read from other websites a few years back. It's a great feeling having accomplished something that seemed so out of reach.

I had NO KNOWLEDGE of building a website...at all. I had read all the real life testimonials and analyzed all the other SBI websites and the people behind them. This made it realistic for me. This made it achievable.

SBI stands for Site Build It! and helps you to turn any hobby, passion or skill into a viable, successful online business. You probably don't even realize that almost any topic can make money with a website.

Here is a short video on different regular folks who did exactly what I did. They went out on a limb and benefited from it immensely.

So if you're wondering whether this is for you, try it for a month and see! It's completely free!

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