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A little about me...

My name is Cari. Owner and webmaster of EasyMakeupGuide.com. Words I never imagined myself using. I had absolutely NO knowledge of computer programming website design. I had basic skills on how to search the internet and how to use email - that was about it. My website now provides me with a generous, ongoing, residual income that has allowed me to earn that 'extra bit'. Many people tell me they would love to earn money online but easily become discouraged at the idea of making their own website.

Here is all how all of this began.

In 2007, I was on my lunch break at my regular day job, was 7 months pregnant for my 2nd child and thought it would be so great to have an extended maternity leave without compromising my lifestyle. I searched and searched online only to find many stay-at-home gigs I would feel quite weary and distrustful of. It IS very difficult to buy into business opportunities that promise and preach about getting rich quick. That wasn't my goal anyways. All I wanted wanted was to start the process on generating passive income (more on that later) in the even that I decided to work limited hours after my year ended. In many ways, this was like a plan I could fall back on in the event that I decided to stay home longer.

So, I won't lie. It was quite a learning curve but in such a positive way. I didn't mind the work. It was actually fun. I felt empowered after listening to the action guided videos. They were super easy to understand, even for someone like me, who was previously completely clueless about this whole process. It took about 2 months (remember I have 2 children at home under the ages of 3) to get a good enough base to incorporate Google Ads. Every day, I made progress and that was empowering. I was beginning to understand the world of web design which is something I NEVER imagined myself doing. I just typed and typed and away it went. There is fantastic, reliable support if clarification was needed. Tons of experts online who are waiting to answer your questions. There is always lots of help.

You see, before children, I worked a full-time job as a health care provider to cancer patients and on weekends I was a Makeup Artist with VERY busy summers. Lots of brides required my services and it would only get more busy as referrals increased. I loved the being artistic in ways that empowered women. I had the power to make them feel unique and beautiful and I loved that. I loved the gratitude, happiness and confidence they expressed. It was fulfilling as a hobby and as a job. Hey, I could earn money by doing something I TOTALLY love! Isn't this what most aspire to do?

But, something had to give as far back as when I had my very first child. I no longer wanted to work weekdays and weekends and be bound to makeup appointments for most of the summer. And why would I want to? I had a beautiful little girl that I wanted to love and nurture. My priorities and focus had shifted so I gave up my makeup jobs.

Still, I maintained my interest in makeup artistry and always kept up-to-date with new trends and often dabbled into new products I felt I "had to have".

So, the search continued....

I browsed and browsed and thought my love of makeup artistry, cosmetics products, knowledge of makeup application tips and techniques should be able to serve me a purpose somehow...and perhaps WITHOUT HAVING TO LEAVE THE HOUSE!

That very same afternoon, (as I remained on my lunch break), as I searched and browsed some more still in search of something more, I came across a website that had a very friendly feel. A website I felt very comfortable with. A website that contained information I felt at ease with.

After reading the information and browsing through most web-pages, it then dawned on me. I had the perfect idea. I would integrate my knowledge on beauty topics and products into MY VERY OWN WEBSITE! I would also build my website on my own with SBI.

I would soon be at home for one whole year (with my hands full of course) with my 2 girls, and thought this would be a good time to try to build my website. With my husband's support and help, I managed to set aside the time to follow through with my goals. And here I am today, writing about my success through this wonderful journey just as I had read from other websites a few years back. It's a great feeling having accomplished something that seemed so out of reach.

I had NO KNOWLEDGE on building a website...at all. I had read all the real life testimonials and anazlyzed all the other SBI websites and the people behind them. This made it realistic for me. This made it achievable.

SBI stands for Site Build It! and helps you to turn any hobby, passion or skill into a viable, successful online business. You probably don't even realise that almost any topic can make money with a website.

Build a website?! You got it.

Remember, I was new to computer programming and to most of the internet world. This website was built with SBI So you see... anyone can do it.

You don't require any programming skills or webdesign knowledge, You don't even need a product to sell. Just bring your thoughts, knowledge, motivation and inspiration. You can talk about anything really. SBI has all the tools you need, and they teach you step by step.

They help you find the perfect topic for your site, to build it, to get traffic to it, and then they even teach you how to make money with it, no matter what it is about.

Have a look at the Video Tour to get an idea of how it works.

And have a look at this - hundreds of successful SBI websites , built by normal people like you and me. All these sites are in the top 1% of the most successful sites on the web.

You can also see that there is a staggering variety of topics that people have turned into profitable websites with SBI. Yes, in the beginning this is a lot of work. But keep in mind that doing something you love never feels like work. And you can do it in your spare time. YOU set the pace.

The main thing is, it's totally risk free. SBI has a full money back guarantee. They're happy for you to try it out to see how you like it.

So...I am sure you're wondering how I make money? At the moment mostly with advertising. You probably saw the links throughout the site that say "Ads by Google". Every time someone is interested and clicks on one I earn income.

Keep in mind as well that a website is something that requires a lot of work up front and pays off immensely later.

The most important point to take away here is that my income is steadily growing, day after day after day, whether I work on the website or not. It grows faster when I do a lot of work, but it still grows while I take a break from it too.

Is this really as easy as it sounds?

That is probably the most common question. The answer is, yes and no. It depends how you define easy. It certainly isn't a matter of pressing a few buttons and the money starts rolling in. If that's what you meant when you said easy then the answer is no.

The one point I stress in every email, whether people asked this question or not, is this: it takes time, hard work and commitment to build a successful website. Do not underestimate the amount of time, the amount of hard work, and the amount of commitment involved!

It sounds good but I have no idea what I could make a website about.

That is absolutely not a problem. Most people who already have an idea change their mind once they start with SBI.

The first thing that SBI teaches you is how to select a profitable topic. There are no general rules. Everybody is different so this is an individual decision. SBI has brainstorming tools. You use them to generate ideas and to analyse them. You'll see if there is enough interest in a topic, how much competition there is, and if there is money to be made.

To choose a topic for a website is the most important step in the whole process, so you shouldn't do it without SBI anyway. Don't know what to make your site about? Good!

I have tons of stay at home moms writing me to ask me how I managed to work full-time, raise 2 children and build a successful website. Follow this link and see how it can be possible for you!

Even UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE students make a steady income by using Solo Build It. I have worked with tons of aspiring makeup artists starting out in their field who have been earning MORE with their websites than their day-to-day gigs!

There are no catches whatsoever either. Solo Build It includes everything you need. There are no hidden costs. You can't go wrong by trying it out. The way I see it you have everything to win and nothing to lose.

Solo Build It also now offers a monthly subscription as well so my suggestion is, if you are serious about building a sizeable income stream for yourself, get the yearly subscription. It works out cheaper, and if you don't like it you can easily get all your money back. I see no point in getting the monthly option, but apparently it is very popular.

But that's all it takes. It does not take exceptional writing skills, it does not take technical knowledge, it does not require that you know anything about computers or websites. Nothing.

You will initially have to learn a lot, but that learning is part of Solo Build It. You will be guided through the whole process. Anybody with a brain who's willing to learn and work can do this, no matter what their background. So if that's what you wondered, then the answer is yes. It really is that easy.

You can do it!

Remember, there is one difference between those who succeed and those who fail. The ones who succeed DID the things that those who failed DIDN'T DO!

So what are you waiting for? The only way to know is to try!

Need to contact me for further questions?

Email me and I will respond within 24 hrs.

All the best,



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