I am writing to you today to give you lots more ideas on how to get great spring and summer makeup looks! If you want to keep fitting in with this year's seasons trends, see all the detailed information below.

There's only a little over a month to go before we officially embark into the summer season. All spring makeup trends naturally flow into the summer, so don't worry, the current colors and styles will remain IN STYLE.



As mentioned on my website, for this spring, the trendiest eye makeup color choices are pastels. Lilac, pink, blue, green, yellow, orange, just to name a few, are setting the standard for basic eye makeup application. Other choices include gold and copper.

See Rihanna's copper & gold eyes.

As for the application technique - simple eye works well. Use your selected shade all over the eye - from upper eyelid to just under the brow bone (save this area for a highlighter). Or, mix colors together to create a multicolored eye. Nothing stops short of lack of color this spring!

NOTE: EYELINERS ARE IN!! If you choose to do so, use an eyeliner for more intensity. BEST colors to use are blue, lilac/purple, green. Remember, it's all about color!! Of course, can't forget black mascara - applied to upper and lower lashes.

Here is Katie with purple eyeliner.

and Kate Hudson with blue eyeliner on lower lid, pink on upper eyelid. Rosy pink cheeks accompanied by a pink lipstick. Cute look.


Rosy , rosy, pink, pink! Since pink is one of the main trendy spring shades - don't hesitate to dab over cheeks. Be sure to have agood makeup brush!


Coral & pink shades seem to be making it big. Soft pinks are in and the extreme - BRIGHT PINKS, REDS & ORANGE. These are really making a statement! If you're bold and daring when it comes to makeup colors(good for you to have that confidence!!) go for it!

Also note, lipliners have faded out for this spring/summer so ease off on them...tuck them away for a little while.

Kate Bosworth's coral lips.

The perfect pink.
Bold and trendy orange lipstick.

I hope you look forward to my next newsletter - there are many, many more interesting topics to come...all in the next EASYMAKEUPGUIDE e-zines.

...until next month!


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