Welcome! In this month's newsletter, I am talking about all the exciting trends in makeup for the Fall and Winter Season 2008/09. As sad as I am to see the summer go, I look forward to the many beautiful things about the colder seasons. This is why the change is seasons is exciting for me, it brings about new trends in fashion and beauty, in particular - MAKEUP!!

The top 5 hottest trends in makeup are:

1) liquid eyeliner - using mostly colorful shades and a cat-eye technique

2) bold, bright shades of lipstick (red, wine, fuchsia, etc..)

3) the new blue, purple, green hued eyeshadows

4) metallic eyeshadows - GOLD is a hot one!

5) strong, well manicured brows

The newest trends in makeup are sexy and sophisticated. All of the above hot trends are incorporated in this fall/winter's 3 new, trendy looks:

1- Fresh, neutral face

2- Bright, bold face

3- Dark, dramatic face

1 - Fresh, neutral face

The natural style of this look calls for soft, muted neutral tones in elegant finishes. Altogether this look should be polished and flawless.

How to achieve a polished, flawless, neutral look?

Let me start off by saying that this is often a preferred look for women. It is relatively easy, fuss-free and a "safe" method for most women who fear makeup or for those who simply don't care to put in the effort to wear it.

This brings me to say that a natural look does not mean "naked". You must make up the entire face to have a natural look. For those women who only wear a little blush and mascara, they simply throw the face off balance in the midst of their true natural look attempt. They bring attention to the little bit of makeup they did put on their face, rather than their balanced, harmonized face. To be polished and flawless and to achieve a "true" natural look, you need UNIFORMITY. What you need to do is to create an even, balanced working canvas. How to do this? Read on.

SKIN - First and foremost, if you're only going to spend 5 minutes on your face to achieve a natural makeup look, let 3 1/2 minutes be spent on your SKIN. Even out irregular pigmentation, cover up dark under eye circles and spot treat your blemishes. Use a tinted moisturizer, foundation, mineral powder and/or concealer. Having beautiful skin sets the stage for every other product you'll be using. Even if you decide to use mascara and lip balm afterwards, your look will be softer, balanced and most importantly - POLISHED!

I personally use a tinted moisturizer on my face every morning as I prefer foundations with light coverage. The texture and the look it creates for me works. Of all ways to even out your skin tone this method (other than mineral powder foundations) has got to be one of the quickest. I am not a morning person, thus prefer to sleep the extra 5 minutes it would take me to apply a heavier foundation. I also tend to be a little of a perfectionist (the truth comes out now...) - I know I would probably end up touching up until it was "just" right. That also means, I'd be really late for work every day as it most often would never be "perfect" ;)

With that being said, a tinted moisturizer is the perfect comprimise. The one I use (Stila) also has a little sheen in it and this gives me a fresh dewy look all day long. Then, use a little concealer in areas of concern with a large powder brush and top of with a little powder to set things into place. Keep in mind too that with a tinted moisturizer, you can get away with a color match that is not perfect.

Remember, foundation is not what it used to be. The lightweight formulas make your skin feel like you barely have anything on it. Long gone are the days of looking like a porcelain doll. There are many foundations (too long to list here) that I would recommend but the only advice that I would encourage you to follow is to buy a high quality product. DO NOT try a save a few bucks with foundation.

Top 10 foundation list:

1. Best Foundation Stick: Bobbi Brown

2. Best Most Pricey Foundation: Chanel

3. Best Inexpensive Foundation: Revlon ColorStay Foundation

4. Best Most Pricey Foundation Powder: Laura Mercier

5. Best Affordable Foundation Powder: MAC Studio Fix

6. Best Foundation With SPF: Philosophy 'The Supernatural'

7. Best Tinted Moisturizer: Clarins Hydra-Care Tinted Moisturizer

8. Best Cream Foundation: Cover Girl Aquasmooth

9. Best Liquid Foundation for Dark Skin: Iman Second To None Oil-Free Makeup, SPF 8

10. Best Cream-to-Powder Foundations: Vincent Longo Water Canvas

***top 10 picks courtesy of about.com****

Need more detailed descriptions on foundation textures? Watch a video on how to apply foundation. Click over to my foundation page.

CHEEKS - Now that you've evened-out your skin tone, dab on a little blush. Benefit has a GREAT liquid tint that is really, really spectacular. You have to use it once to understand. This is an indispensable item. Use it on your lips too for quick color touch-ups.

EYES - Now, apply ANY neutral color of eyeshadow that suits your fancy. Better yet, choose a color that compliments your eye color.

See my color guide here .

Here is where you can control the intensity of your neutral look. For a very soft eye, use 1 or 2 shades of eyeshadow that compliments your eye color. A sweep of matte taupe eyeshadow and a gentle hint of highlighting is a quick and easy way to enhance your natural beauty. See my eyeshadow page for a wide variety of eye application techniques.

For a more intense eye, choose neutral metallic shades such as copper, gold, bronze.

Add a matching eyeliner color. Matching eyeliner/eyeshadow combinations are really hot this season. Choose plum, green, blue, brown or black. There are many, many kits out there that contain these new great trendy shades.

Apply mascara (in various shades also) and groom those brows! Be sure to grow them out thicker - it's the "in" thing! Oh and don't forget the highlighter shade on inner eye corners and brow bone. This added touch really adds a little "sparkle".

LIPS - A nude lip with a little sheen is understated and an absolute classic. getting the perfect shade of lipstick is not as difficult as you think. For help with this, click here. Generally, go for a slightly pink hue if you have a pale or very dark complexion or one that's a bit more beige if you have olive skin.

2 - Bright, bold face

Vivid colors like rich aqua, tangerine, purple, blue, bright green and fuchsia are auditioning for starring roles this season. These hip hues make a bold yet playful statement.


This means add bold, bright color(s) to eyes OR lips - not both. Also note that cheeks need to be soft too.

Here are photos to inspire and guide you!

3 - Dark, dramatic face

Dark accents are dramatic and strong. The fall favourite is to have intensity, so apply it to eye OR lips - not both.

STRONG EYES - The original smokey eye has added into the dark plum, navy blue and metallic grey to its repertoire. Don't hold back - this look uses alot of eye color and heavily rims the entire eye.


- use lots of black eyeliner that encircles the eye and smudge gently.

- use an eyelas curler to open the eye.

- use tons of black mascara

DARK LIPS - Take a chance and dress your lips in metallic burgundy or matte eggplant. Be sure to apply intense lipcolors properly. See my red lipstick guide for additional application guidance.

Want to watch a FANTASTIC video on 5 FABULOUS FALL MAKEUP TRENDS? Watch this short video and get some GREAT makeup IDEAS!!

I will soon be launching great unique, customizable, high quality makeup and skin care products. I am really excited about it and look forward to sharing this great discovery with you. Until the next newsletter....... Remember, feel free to reply to this ezine to offer any feedback, comments or suggestions.



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