I'm happy to be in the loop again with all of my fellow newsletter subscribers! It's been a too long since our last communication. I have had many things on the go over the past few months, which seems to be a typical way of life for a working mom of TWO! With a part-time health care job, successful growing website, makeup artist, wellness advisor, etc....there are NOT enough hours in a day!

Well, this new year has so far, brought about MANY changes to my life and website. Over the next couple of months, I will be integrating into my website a NEW COSMETICS LINE called MOTIVES. I am very passionate about my new products and am eager to share the news with all of you.

MOTIVES is a high end cosmetics line comparable to Chanel MINUS the PRICE :) The entire line promotes customization with the hottest color combinations. If you are open or in need of trying new, high quality yet affordable makeup products, these are the ones to try. The new line of eyeshadows comprise of 46 stunning colors to choose from. Want to see? Click here. (Oh...be sure to check out the Tahitian Red Eyeshadow color - it's absolutely SMASHING)

MOTIVES popularity is growing very quickly and will soon be known to everyone. MOTIVES has been featured in EVERYDAY with Rachel Ray, Elle, Latina, Allure and Life & Style Magazines just to name a few. Jennifer Lopez, among many other celebrities such as Eva Langoria, are proud supporters of the products and company. The June issue of People en Español features some of the hottest Latina stars modeling Motives by Loren Ridinger cosmetics in their photo spreads for the popular "50 most beautiful people" edition.

Amazing isn't it?

If any of you haven't heard of the MOTIVES cosmetics line, I will be featuring some of its many great unique, customizable products today and in the months ahead. The best part - I will provide you with easy, step by step makeup application techniques on how to create many different looks using their various makeup colors. How great is that?

Well, let's begin with some fantastic makeup looks for the 2009 spring/summer season.


The leading theme for Spring is fresh and neutral, so you can do away with the heavier purples, metallics and pewter palettes from Fall and winter season as you make yourself up for a simple and cleaner look.

1-The smokey eye look with plums & purples

Want this eyeshadow color? Click here.
Need a refresher on SMOKEY EYE TECHNIQUE? Click here.

2-The return of lilac eyeshadow (pinks, turquoise and blues)

Soft purples seem to be dominating the face this season. Try a dusty lilac on eyes for a soft romantic look. Don’t over purple it though. Use a pale pink blush and barely there pinkish gloss to finish the look. If you’re going for a lavender mouth, again, use the pale pink blush and this time soften eyes with a light grey or brown eye shadow.

See what I mean by

See the most stunning turquoise eyeshadow color....

3-A fresh dose of shimmer to highlight the cheeks

Sooooooo easy to put on. A little goes a long way and is beautiful on a bride. When the light hits your face..oooh lala!

Here is the product that will give you this glow.

4-Baby Pink cheek color

Give those cheeks a flushed look with a fresh streak of pink. It's the season for accentuating the cheekbones and apples of the cheeks with some baby pink highlights. Look for shimmery palettes for an even sweeter, runway inspired look.

Here is the perfect PINK blush...for any skin type!


Check out this stunning vibrant gold....

Tone down the gold with this color...

6- Salmon/Coral lip color

You can still get away with that Hollywood-inspired red lip pout by night, but your daytime look calls for something on the lighter side. Spring/Summer 2009 is the season to wear a salmon-colored gloss and lip shades, so look for pink and yellow-based lip stains for your kissable look.

Coral lipstick is also making a big comeback this spring & summer. Think lips getting stained by an orange popsicle. Another good look is a wash of a sheer coral blush over the entire face. This gives the healthiest glow and you can wear it sans everything else.

Want this color - here it is!!

7-Go for the tanned/bronzed look

Although having a sun-kissed glow is back in, this doesn't mean worship the sun. There are great products today that will allow you to look "bronzed". Personally, my preference is using a BRONZER. This is the last step in my morning makeup routine. Something is definitely "missing" if I forgot to do this...it's an absolute MUST. Best of all, it's EASY and quick.

Bronze eyeliner is making a big comeback this 2009 season and it looks fresh. The reason? It's not a heavily drawn line , reminiscent of the disco days of the late Seventies and early Eighties. This is a soft ring of deep gold around the entire eye. For the best result use a mineral eye shadow in a deep bronze shade.

My favorite bronzer in the whole wide world is...

I hope you'll look forward to getting the next newsletter as I'll be featuring some great other great LOOKS with step by step instructions and how to easily achieve them. Until then....

Remember, feel free to reply to this ezine to offer any feedback, comments or suggestions. Also, there are many benefits and rewards to owning your own MOTIVES business. If you have a keen interest on having just this, reply to this email for more info.



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