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Well, now it's time for our summer goodies. My featured topic for this month's newsletter is FACIAL BRONZERS. Learn about the benefits of bronzers, how to choose the right one and how to properly apply it. LOTS to cover so let's get at it.

Benefits of bronzers

We all know how damaging the sun can be. You may walk away from the beach with a suntan, but that's not all you're getting. Excessive sun exposure is responsible for most of the skin damage associated with aging. This damage accumulates slowly over time and starts at an early age. Much of the skin damage is merely cosmetic, but some effects, such as skin cancer, are more serious. This is why I highly recommend bronzers. Bronzers refer to both sunless tanning creams/sprays and powders used strategically on the face and/or body to get a sunny glow. In this month's news article however, I will focus on powder facial bronzers.

Today’s bronzers create a more natural glow and, contrary to popular belief, are not only for darker skin tones and can be worn year round. They mimic the warm golden cast of the sun. Some of the benefits of using a facial bronzer include attaining a sunny tan without the harmful effects (wrinkles, sunspots, sunburn and skin cancer), adjusting color to individual preference and washing off color at the end of the day. The end effect is a fun, healthy glow that can enhance all skin tones.

Choosing the right bronzer

Choose a shade that's no more than two shades darker than your skin.

Fair: – choose a honey colored bronzer. Also, if you're fair and sunburn easily, peach or pink bronzers are another great choice.

Medium: – choose a rose-bronze or gold flecked bronzer. Copper shades are also nice on olive skin tones.

Dark: – you will look best with a “true” bronze such as tawny or amber. Another option - gold flecked bronzer.

How to apply a facial bronzer

Apply bronzer where the sun would normally warm the face, such as on tops of cheekbones, temples, bridge of nose and tip of chin. Avoid mixing bronzer into foundation or applying all over the face.


1- Bronzer alone can appear dull. For a dewy look, apply cream blush to the apples of your cheeks. The combination of bronzer and cream blush is absolutely gorgeous. According to makeup artist Bobbi Brown, bronzer looks best on days you don't wear a lot of foundation.

2- Keep foundation to a minimum when applying bronzer as this can make your complexion too orange and "dirty" when the bronzer is applied. Apply a little tinted moisturiser if you must.

3- If your complexion is quite pale, apply a little pink blusher to your cheeks as well to give a more natural looking glow.

4- You must apply bronzer with the correct kind of brush - a wide and fluffy powder brush will work best. My favourite bronzer brushes are big, thick and soft with LONG bristles. This ensures an even application without harsh lines. See my recommendations down below.

5- When applying any kind of bronzer it is best to start with a light application and build from there. If you make a mistake and apply too much, wipe off with some cotton wool or apply some light face powder on top to lighten the colour.

Here is a fantastic video on how to apply bronzer by a great Canadian makeup artist, Beau Nelson. Beau has done makeup on a lot of celebs like Amanda Bynes, Sienna Miller and Iman.

Click here for video.




Sephora Brand Mosaic Bronzing Powder SPF 15
GloMinerals - gloBronze - SunKiss
Elizabeth Arden Bronzing Story Powder (comes with kabuki brush!)

I hope you found this information useful! If any feedback, please reply to this e-zine to add your comments.

I hope you look forward to my next newsletter - there are many, many more interesting topics to come...all in the next EASYMAKEUPGUIDE e-zines.

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