I came across some interesting articles a couple of weeks back on certain facts on sunscreens. It was alarming at how oblivious I was to this information.

I know most people are a little tired of hearing how important these lotions are in preventing sunburns. There are always so many ads in various magazine articles, television commercials, poster advertisements, etc... on the importance of applying sunscreen. The summer season is more than halfway through, nevertheless, sunscreen application should be incorporated into your daily routine as a year-round habit. So besides preventing sunburns and causing unnecessary damage to our skin, do we all know how to use these different lotions correctly? Read on, test your SPF I.Q.

Sunscreen and Sunblock: There is a difference! A quick tutorial:

Sunscreen: By far the most popular sun protection products, they absorb UV rays before your skin can. They come in the most variety of forms, and still allow for some gain of color (but tan at your own risk! Even the slightest change in your skin shade indicates sun damage).

Sunblock: Offers a stronger level of protection by reflecting UV rays. Usually somewhat thicker in consistency, but technology has improved that factor. (Remember that sticky, thick coating that Mom used to rub on and acted as a sand magnet? It’s improved since then.)

Overall, the two act in much the same way and are ideal for any serious outdoor activity. Remember, application is even more important than the level of SPF you need.

SPF Moisturizer: For every day exposure, protection while going to and from work or school, or spending minimal time outdoors. Daily use of a low SPF sunscreen (like 15) can reduce sun damage even more than occasional use of a super high SPF. Sub this for your regular morning face lotion. Aim for at least 30. Most people don’t use the right amount of sun protection (about a teaspoon for your face) – they usually use only half, so double the level of SPF you desire. If you think you’ll miss that sun kissed glow you achieve on your cheeks and nose, try Neutrogena Summer Glow Daily Moisturizer. You’ll still get a healthy glow...emphasis on healthy.

Next, I have listed important facts that can help you make the most of your sunscreen lotion and more importantly, save you from damaging your body's largest organ - your SKIN!


- You should use a shot glass sized amount (great excuse to have one handy at your next pool party!), at least on your body. Basically, put it anywhere your skin might be exposed and apply enough so that a film is visible before it dries. Apply it before you hit the great outdoors, because SPF takes 20-30 minutes to start working.

- Another important thing to remember about sun protection is that it is temperature, time and chemically sensitive. Avoid high temp storage (in the car, a no no), always check the expiration date, and remember that certain medications (like antibiotics) interact negatively with SPF.

- Be aware that while all blocks and screens block UVB rays (the ones that fry you), they don’t all block UVA rays (aging rays). Check the label to see if it specifically protects against both types of damage. Two brands that protect against both are Neutrogena– which uses Helioplex technology to battle aging and cancer, and L’Oreal (or any of their products, including Kiehl’s and Lancome):they use the chemical screen Mexoryl.

So ladies, whenever you head outdoors this summer, remember to wear sunscreen! Come your 50th birthday you will be very grateful for that your skin is in better condition than your brand new leather handbag.


Most of us can't use this very same body lotion all over our faces every day. The skin on our face is far more sensitive; therefore, it requires a more gentle, less oily product for daily application. It's a wise investment to have some kind of an SPF moisturizer on hand for daily use.

My preference - something that does more than just moisturize. There are MANY products available nowadays that contain subtle glow enhancers and/or tinted pigments. This means that while they give you a soft radiant glow or enhance the natural color of your skin, they protect you from some of the harmful effects of the sun. If you think about it, your face is the area that is most often exposed to the sun. It needs the protection.


For just a few bucks, you can try (as suggested above)....

Neutrogena Summer Glow Daily Moisturizer

A great product that tints and soothes skin...

Murad Oil Free Sunblock For Face SPF 15 Sheer Tint

The one I use (excellent product BUT a little more in price)...

Stila Sheer Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 - Tone

Another way of achieving that sun-kissed look is to apply bronzer . Doing this makes a world of a difference.

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