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I have recently added to my website and wanted to share it with all of you. So many people ask me how and why I got started with Also, some want to know how I generate income from my website as well. It took my a many hours of work to build it to this point (and I still aspire to add to it as well) but it has SO been worth every single minute of my time.

I would like to share my real life story with all of you today the way that I have told the story so many times before. Perhaps it will inspire you to pursue the things that you have set out to do or the things that you thought were out of your reach. The possibilities are endless. Set your goals and reach for them. DO what you have to do and don't lose sight. That's the importance...keep at it.

"The difference between those who succeed and those who fail is that the one who succeeded did what the one who failed didn't do." JR Ridinger.

Having said all of this and without further due, the link below will take you to where you can read about my real life story and how all began.



The best part about the new and improved EASY MAKEUP website....THERE'S EVEN MORE TO COME so be sure to stay up to date with all the great things EASY MAKEUP GUIDE has to offer. Visit often and keep a look out for my next newsletter.

MAKEUP IN A CUBE! See it here!

Well, enough said...until the next newsletter, LIVE HAPPY, LIVE HEALTHY and stay BEAUTIFUL!

Remember, feel free to reply to this ezine to offer any feedback, comments or suggestions. Also, there are many benefits and rewards to owning your own MOTIVES business. If you have a keen interest on having just this, reply to this email for more info.


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