Happy New Year to EVERYONE! I love the new year. It's always to reflect upon the good, the bad and how you're going to better the new year.

It was a great year for Easy Makeup Guide last year and already, I'm seeing positive things for 2010. I love it!

To start things off on the right track for all of my subscribers, I am offering all of you a new FREE EBOOK!

Over the last few months, I've had the pleasure of getting to know NICKI TRAIKOS from MANGO TANGO Make-Up Design . She is a highly sought-after professional makeup artist in the Toronto area who makes regular appearances on our local television station offering and demonstrating cosmetic application tips and techniques. She is very busy during the bridal season here as her clients often pre-book months in advance. Her work is truly inspiring. She listens and accurately delivers the desired look her clients are searching for. Now, that's what I call TALENT! No wonder she is in such HIGH DEMAND!!:)

See her blog here...

...and her videos here.

Nicki is featured on Daytime Television as the weekly BEAUTY EXPERT for ROGERS TV here in Toronto. For those of you who live in the city, you don't want to miss her - THURSDAYS at 11am live or recorded at 3pm & 5pm. The last video featured on the video page from her website is one of Nicki's DAYTIME TV appearance. Visit again soon for more!!

So..without further delay, here is the link to the FREE EBOOK!Click this link to get your own personal copy of MAKEUP SECRETS-by Nicki Traikos.

I have also implemented many changes on my website and if you're subscribed to my RSS feed (bottom left side of each page below the navigation bar, you'll see what I mean. I have re-structured my pages to be more user friendly with even MORE DIAGRAMS than ever before. For example, see this NEW webpage here .

The best part about the new and improved EASY MAKEUP GUIDE.com website....THERE'S EVEN MORE TO COME so be sure to stay up to date with all the great things EASY MAKEUP GUIDE has to offer. Visit often and keep a look out for my next newsletter.

In the next few months, I will be introducing forums and feedback communities where YOU as a visitor will be able to read up on various topics submitted by others like you! If desired, you'll be able to contribute to this feedback as well...ISN'T THIS GREAT? I have to say I'm really excited to hear from everyone around the world offering their very own feedback on a multitude of beauty topics.

Well, enough said...until the next newsletter, LIVE HAPPY, LIVE HEALTHY and stay BEAUTIFUL!

Remember, feel free to reply to this ezine to offer any feedback, comments or suggestions. Also, there are many benefits and rewards to owning your own MOTIVES business. If you have a keen interest on having just this, reply to this email for more info.



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