Foundation - everything you need to know.

Often, this word scares many women. They can't help but have negative associations with it. They think of heavy, mask-like makeup and often fear that by using it, they will look too 'artificial'. The truth is, foundation is NO LONGER what it used to be. It has greatly evolved since the days where there was only a handful of shades to choose from.

When you think of the whole reason why women wear makeup in general, it's to look more beautiful and to look as though they have silk & smooth skin. Women yearn to have great-looking skin and by using foundation, it's the surest way for those women to get the skin they want. SO.....where do you start?

Well for starters, you need to know your skin type. The information below will go into detail on how to select the appropriate foundation for your particular skin type.


Best Choice: Mineral powder! These formulations are typically loose powders generally containing no perfumes, talc, alcohol, dyes, oils or preservatives, which makes them one of the hottest, natural & SAFEST current beauty trends.

Their light, breathable textures can minimize the appearance of imperfections and provides coverage depending on how thick they are applied. You can concentrate coverage where you need it and blend into areas where you don’t, resulting in the illusion of near-perfect skin. The mineral complex on which these formulas are built also has natural oil-absorbing properties making it the perfect choice for oily skin.


Best choice: Once again, mineral makeup again is best as many formulas have a soothing effect on the skin. This benefit, along with its excellent coverage, has made mineral makeup the perfect choice for the med spa industry as it effectively conceals the redness that occurs in the aftermath of certain medical procedures.


Women with normal or combination skin will have a broader range of choices.

1- Liquid foundations come in many variations such as: oil-free, waterproof, smudgeproof and longwearing, and provide light blendable coverage. For long days, the performance of the long-wearing brands is great, but the ingredients creating this durability have been known to cause slight skin irritation in women with sensitive skin. 


Best choice: Cream-based foundation or a moisture-rich liquid foundation. These types of textures are creamier and will "plump up" skin to minimize that dry tight feeling. It offers a medium to maximum coverage. Also, some foundations contain Sodium Hyaluronate (also referred to as hyaluronic acid). It is an ingredient which has been used for years in skin creams. It re-hydrates the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

For a lighter coverage, a tinted moisturizer is another good choice. To “set” either a cream based formula or a tinted moisturizer, try a light application of a mineral makeup powder applying it sparingly on top of the foundation. These powders, which are great foundations for many skin types, tend to make dry skin even dryer when used directly on the skin, but their light formulas work nicely as a powder.


Best choice: Mousse or whipped foundation. It's good for all skin types, but especially nice for those with mature skin because of its tendency to go on smoothly and evenly instead of accumulating in the facial lines. This type of foundation is also easier to apply so you have more control. The mousse form comes in a spray or aerosol-type can, like whipped cream, whereas the whipped variety usually comes in a jar.


Now that you have an idea as to the type of foundation you would like to use, you need to find the RIGHT TONE. Selecting the proper shade is OF ULTIMATE IMPORTANCE. To make sure you pick the right shade....

Take a mirror and stand by a window once you have tested a foundation. If it's the right shade, you should not be able to see any color. The foundation should NOT stand out. It should blend right in to your natural skin color. Also, keep in mind that most skin tones sport a yellow-based tone. A foundation with a yellow tone suits most skin types.
One other thing...please, please, please, do NOT pick the "special of the day" foundation or try to save a few bucks on this type of product. This is NOT an area where you want to save money. Purchase a good quality product. It's not worth taking chances on something that is being applied EVERYWHERE on your face. 

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