Welcome to the EYE MAKEUP page! 

You can easily learn how to get beautiful eyes with this useful information. There are so many amazing eye makeup tips to teach you, this topic is virtually endless. Where do you stop? We will begin with simple eye makeup tips and work our way up to more elaborate and dramatic eye makeup techniques. There are so many various eye makeup looks to cover. We are looking forward to share this information with all of you!

We will also cover eye makeup application for beginners, teenagers, eye makeup for more mature skin, brides, professionals in the workforce and stay-at-home moms. It's a whole lot of ground to cover but we are convinced that our readers deserve the best information out there!

Anyone can really learn these eye makeup tips - all you have to do is just get in front of a mirror and try it! Take your pick at all the links below.

DARK EYE CIRCLES - neat little handy tricks and tips on how to conceal and camouflage and reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles 

MAKEUP COLORS - help and guidance with choosing the RIGHT makeup colours for your particular skin tone

EYE MAKEUP COLORS - EYE MAKEUP COLORS for brown , blue, green and hazel eyes

EYE SHAPES - various eye shapes and their eye makeup solutions

EYESHADOW TECHNIQUES - many eyeshadow application tips, tricks, diagrams, illustrations...a complete step by step eye makeup application guide

Smokey eyes , basic eyes , simple eyes , classic eyes , dramatic eyes , natural eye makeup , cat eyes

EYELINER TECHNIQUES - tricks to ease your liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner and eyeshadow eye liner applications

MASCARA - secrets to getting great eyelashes with mascara

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