If you haven't yet made any beauty changes to greet the New Year, here are a a few great ideas to help you along. Similarly to any other lifestyle change, these 5 Beauty Tips are a sure way to help you break old habits and/or create good ones.

1. Resist the Urge to Pick at your Face

Alright ladies...doesn't this always seem to happen as you're getting ready to head out the door?? I've been guilty of this bad habit a few too many times!!

The truth is, picking at pimples and blackheads not only causes scars, but it can also lead to infections. Resist the urge! I know it's tempting but TRY to wait until you get back home. Even though we know the red pimple will only get MORE RED once we've picked it, we still manage to do avoid this beauty tip. If you are prone to breakouts, there are many products on the market that are specifically made for pimples and blackheads. To prevent future breakouts, keep your hands away from your face since the dirt from your hands can easily trigger acne. Also, stress can be a likely culprit for breakouts. Find ways to ease the tension. Finally, check your diet. While most foods don’t cause acne, they can irritate the problem and make it worse.

2. Make it a Habit of Removing your Makeup before Bedtime

Wearing makeup to bed can leave your face open to dirt and bacteria and cause breakouts, other skin problems and is sure to speed up your skin's aging process. It's sometimes difficult to carry through with this, especially after a very long day but make it a habit. To help make it a little easier, try incorporating this beauty routine before or after you've brushed your teeth. Use caution however with the soap you use. Hand soap will only dry out your skin and will leave a makeup residue. Liquid or cream eye makeup removers are fantastic as they don't require you to do a full lather and scrub and rinse. A kleenex is all you need. Another option is makeup remover wipes, keep them by your bed if need be- it's a huge time saver.

3. Take Warm Showers Instead of Hot

Believe it or not, hot water can dry out skin, especially during the winter months. While hot water may be a relief on a chilly day, a warm shower in a heated room can give you the very same results. If dry skin is already a problem for you, try applying a body oil to damp skin after you're shower. The water will help your skin retain some moisture. Another option is to apply Vaseline to feet and hands before bed and wear light cotton socks and/or gloves (they are specially made for this type of thing) to bed. You'll feel the softness in your skin in the morning.

4. Change your Makeup Routine

Changing your makeup colors can give you a whole new look and build up your self-esteem in the process. Many makeup counters at department stores will do your makeup for free. This is an excellent way to "test-drive" new colors and products. Ask for samples too. Many makeup brands will offer samples to promote new products.

5. Throw out those Old Cosmetics

Most of us keep makeup around either because we can no longer find that favorite shade of lipstick or we simply don’t like to waste anything. We also keep holding on to makeup products we've had for years thinking: " day, I'll want to use it and I won't have it if I throw it out." Holding on to these products can be dangerous as they become the perfect ground for growing harmful bacteria. A good rule of thumb is anything older than a year throw away with a few exceptions. Mascara should be thrown out every four months; eyeliner and eyeshadow will last up to 3 years.


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