The following makeup ebook is VERY HARD to come by. It is a fantastic learning package. For only $12 U.S, you can have your VERY OWN copy emailed to your INBOX! Don't miss out on this opportunity because there is MUCH to learn...and the price is GOING UP again soon!

THIS MAKEUP EBOOK IS GREAT FOR anyone who loves makeup or who is simply learning about it. This package is a great way to start. Whether you're a MAC fan or not, you'll appreciate and learn from the information this makeup ebook contains.

There are 544pages of step by step makeup application techniques, service and product knowledge information. The learning material that this ebook contains is unique. M.A.C. makeup artists are given this very same information when training to work at makeup counters. You'll get all the professional tips & tricks of the trade. Find out how they do it!

You get detailed information on:

- skin disorders

- skin analysis

- lighting effects on your makeup

- facial contouring and proportions

- colour theory

- dark under eye circles

- how to apply eye makeup

- lipstick application tips

- hair science

- ingredient term dictionary

- how to deal with customers in the retail industry

and much much more........

Please allow 6-12 hrs for the delivery of your ebook. If you do NOT receive it within this time frame, please use the contact me form on my website to let me know.

This ebook is purchased through PAYPAL.

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