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MAC Cosmetics have been around for more many years. Created in 1985 by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo, this makeup line started in Canada, and has grown rapidly into one of the best selling makeup lines on the retail market.

MAC COSMETICS stands for MAKEUP ART COSMETICS and their products were originally developed for makeup artists. In the last few years, these cosmetics have been made available to the general public - lucky for us!

The company does not use any fancy business schemes and it is truly concerned with its consumers. Oddly enough, without a single ad campaign, M.A.C. does not advertise because they do not believe that slogans are as effective as the confidence they had in allowing their high quality products sell themselves. Women love their makeup so much that all that is needed to promote them is word of mouth.

MAC is one company that caters to its customers. All makeup counter employees are thoroughly trained before they deal with customers. Their artists have been trained to focus on the customer and not the sale. They know their stuff and they know their products. From skin care to hair care, they learn it all. They master all the techniques and adapt them to all different face shapes, eye shapes, skin colors, skin textures and most importantly - customer's preference.

Any woman can get a makeup consultation and application lesson by any one employee for a nominal fee which is applied towards the purchase of any of the cosmetics.

They have over one hundred and sixty shades of lipstick and a approximately one hundred and fifty shades of eye shadow. Apart from that, they regularly release special limited edition collections and also create some of the most popular cosmetics products around. Also, many of their products revolve around a certain theme, catering to women of all ages and races. Which cosmetics company has that?

Where can you find MAC COSMETICS?

Most major retail stores have a MAC counter. Many shopping malls also have their own MAC COSMETICS store. For store locations, click here . Chances are, as popular as this brand is, someone you know will be able to tell you where to find this makeup.

Another option, in many cases a MONEY-SAVING option, is to order from ebay. They have MANY dealers that supply this makeup line.

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