Jennifer Lopez

Foundation: For this look, Jennifer Lopez used maximum coverage with her foundation. After moisturizing, apply liquid foundation to all areas of the skin that need evening out. Color: Tuscan Beige Ultima II Ultimate Coverage Makeup

Concealer: apply with a brush to the inner corners of the eyes. Cover dark circles . Also apply concealer to the eyelid for a base foundation before applying shadows. After you've applied your blush, use a large powder brush to set foundation & concealer. You don't want to see the powder so use very little. Color: Light Ultima II Long-Wearing Concealer

Blush: Apply a mauve powder blush to the apples of cheeks and back toward temples along cheekbones with a large blush brush. Color: Soft Rose Color Me Beautiful Powder Blush

Eyelid: Apply a frosty lavender powder shadow to the entire lid area with a fat shadow brush. Color: Techno Caboodles Eyecolour Eyeshadow

Crease: Using a smaller eyeshadow brush, apply a plum powder shadow to the outer third corner of the lid and sweep back & up toward brow to create a softened cat eye. BLEND WELL! You don't want to see any obvious plum color lines. Color: Twilight Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow

Brow bone: Apply a frosty dove shadow under the arch of the brow and under lower lashes to brighten eyes. Color: Moonbeam Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow

Eyeliner: Line eyes with a cake eyeliner in a charcoal shade for more definition. Black is a little too harsh against the lavender shadows. Color: Brown Fran Wilson Cake Eyeliner

Brows: Perfectly coiffed brows are essential to pulling off this look. Pluck any strays and pencil in any spots. You can also apply a gel to keep brows in place and arches strong. Color: Brunette Revlon Brow Color Gel

Mascara: J Lo is wearing false lashes . They are a great way to add a little glamour to your evening. For this look, apply a little mascara to the lashes to give them extra thickness. You should also apply liner after you've applied the lashes to cover any seams. Color: Black Ardell False Eyelashes

Lips: Line with a mauve lip liner and apply pink, almost bubblegum lipstick . Apply lipstick and blot. Follow with just a hint of gloss to make lips shine. Color: Mauve Ulta Automatic Lipliner & Color: Butterscotch Burst Jane Lipstick


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