Every woman desires perfectly smooth, flawless skin. We all want that silky, smooth canvas we need to work with before we apply our makeup. Needless to say, not many of us are born with the "perfect skin genes" and have to work with what we have (not that it's all that bad). However, we still pester over these "flaws" and buy every skin care product that we can find, hoping that something will work a miracle. The truth is, expensive skin care products aren't always the answer.

Cosmetics and skin care products, in general, are marketed based on quality & content of their formulas. Many of these products claim to be filled with expensive vitamins, oils and perfumes. Others claim to utilize all-natural formulas. BUT HOW CAN YOU KNOW FOR SURE THAT THESE PRODUCTS ARE ACTUALLY WHAT THEY SAY THEY ARE?? If you're also investing quite a bit of money into them, can you be sure that YOU ARE ALSO GETTING YOUR MONEY'S WORTH??


Sometimes, the most simple, natural products can render AMAZING results - and the ingredients can be right in your own kitchen! These homemade beauty treatments can be , if not better than those expensive skin care products. Note: Always test the ingredients on a small patch of skin first, like you would any otherskin care product...especially for those with sensitive skin.

Top 10 most effective natural skincare ingredients from your very own kitchen. Find out exactly why they work so well.

Before you jump into the recipes I have listed for you, watch the video below. Celebrity skin expert Kate Somerville demonstrates the effectiveness of homemade beauty recipes.

To get the most of your homemade spa-like treatments, follow the order in which I have listed the homemade beauty treatments in:

1- FACIAL SCRUBS (once a week)

2- FACIAL CLEANSERS -on days you opt out of scrubs

3- FACIAL STEAM - once a week too!




Hopefully, creating your own home-spa is something you enjoy. If you benefited from the recipes I provided, you might want to dig up some more. There are MANY books available on homemade beauty recipes. Often times, these books go into much greater detail on various other topics such as healthy eating, herbal healing, aromatherapy, uses of essential oils, menopause (see the book "REJUVENATION" down below), starting your own spa, etc... I have personally selected a few excellent books to display on my website. They were all highly rated with at least 4 stars out of 5. See my recommended list below.

Recommended books...

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Beauty Products Made Easy -Information on making your own affordable naturally organic skincare, bath and body care products.


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