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I consider this my SPECIALTY section as I speak from experience when it comes to dark eye circles. I have had dark circles under eyes for as long as I can remember. I've tried almost every trick, tip and creme to help make them GO AWAY. See the darkness around my eyes below...


The truth is, there are no magic cremes or remedies that will get rid of them completely. However, there is one particular eye cream and a couple of NATURAL REMEDIES I find worthy of mentioning. To be honest, products and remedies will not cure you of your dark under eye circles but they will most certainly help minimize their appearance. I was amazed at the results I began to see after about 2 months of using my new found eye cream. If you would like to try the natural route first, see my recommendations below. These little tricks and tips, may help reduce the appearance of your puffy eyes and may even help tone down the darkness but the results are limited - still worth a try however.


The cucumber trick: It's my top pick! Cucumber is known for its soothing, cooling and lightening properties. Slice them up and leave on your eyes for 10-15 minutes or grate the cucumber and squeeze fresh juice out of gratings. Dip two cotton balls in it and keep these cotton balls on eyes for same amount of time.

The tea bag trick: The caffeine in tea helps drain water from the tissues around the eyes, diminishing puffiness and treating under eye circles. Tea also contains antioxidants that are beneficial to the skin. Use green, black or white tea: make sure the tea bag is cooled, and squeeze out any excess liquid before placing them on your eyes for about 15 minutes.


The eye cream I started using in October 2008 is called VitaShield Intensive Eye Firming Treatment . I can honestly say that it has minimized my dark circles by about 70%. It has helped immensely and was so impressed by the results, I am still using it 14 months later. I was thinking at first that this would be like every other eye cream that promises miraculous results and that I would not likely end up noticing anything outstanding. I have tried numerous eye creams in the past(one being an expensive vitamin K cream that made my delicate skin crack in 3 days...)

I am not going to tell you that I no longer have these dark under eye circles but what I am going to say is WOW.

It's effectiveness justifies my continuous use. Not only is the area around my eyes more supple and smooth but the skin seems thicker and healthier. The eye wrinkles are even less noticeable and less profound. My husband has even noticed and admitted he could see a difference. I was blown away and very flattered. Folks, I will not let this cream go. I am addicted and would cry if I had to give it up! I recommend this to everyone I know.

VitaShield contains ingredients such as MATRYXYL, HYALURONIC ACID, COENZYME Q10, VITAMIN C, VITAMIN E, VITAMIN A, - ingredients at the forefront of anti-aging skincare. They work at tightening, plumping and rejuvenating....a must try! But don't take my word for it, read about the scientific proof here.

The best part, it WON'T BRAKE THE BANK. Reasonable price for a fantastic product. The trick however is to make sure you use it twice a day. Apply it VERY lightly and gently massage in small outward circles. Massage...around the eyes?? The answer is YES! Lightly massaging allows blood flow to the eye area and for penetration of all eye cream ingredients. DO NOT PULL, STRETCH OR TUG. You'll see how effective this eye cream is.

It took about 8 weeks for me to noticeably tell that it was indeed working very well. VitaShield Eye Cream also contains cucumber extract and hydrokoytl (Gotu Kola) and echinacea - ingredients that strengthen, promote connective tissue vascularization and increase collagen synthesis. what more could you ask for??

One last thing and I'll stop preaching ;)

This eye cream feels like ultimate luxury with its silky texture and has tiny little light deflecting, luminating particles that minimize appearance of dark circles. This technology TRULY WORKS to help deviate the focus away from your dark under eye circles. How to get it?

Now, after your eye cream has been applied, consider the following concealer technique:

1-Apply foundation of your choice (if desired). Another option is to use a tinted moisturizer. I prefer the tinted moisturizer for my daytime makeup. It's more sheer than foundation yet it leaves my face looking more even-toned and adds a subtle radiant glow at the same time. The best part - the "tint" makes the contrast between my dark under eye circles and my skin tone less intense.

2- Next, use a corrective concealer. It contains a little more of a deeper yellow pigment which will counteract the bluish/purple color under your eyes. Be sure to dab concealer as shown in illustration below with an appropriate makeup brush. This specific tool makes your concealer application much more localized on area of concern. THIS MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD! You can target the dark circles more accurately as opposed to using your finger.

BLEND in evenly with dotting motion. By applying concealer as shown in the diagram, you can distribute it evenly by spreading it to other areas of your eye to avoid "cakiness" in skin creases.

5-Apply a small amount of loose powder (in yellow based shade)on eyelid and lower lid area with a wedged sponge. The powder will set the concealer and guarantee that it will not cake in creases of your eye. THIS IS A STEP I NEVER LEAVE OUT!

TIP: The yellow tone in the powder helps further counteract blues and purples under the skin to help decrease dark circles under eyes. A white powder will make skin look grey.

5-Apply base eyeshadow over entire eyelid in neutral shades.

6-Follow through with blush, remaining eyeshadow colors if desired, eyeliner and mascara. Also, if you feel like adding a little drama to your look, try applying false lashes ...it's easier than you think!

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