Do you ever see a celebrity and wonder how & why they look so good? Do you often wish you could get the same look IF ONLY YOU KNEW WHAT TECHNIQUES and PRODUCTS THEY USED??

LOOK no further as I have the description of the techniques and colors they use here. Get the simple step by step makeup application techniques for each celebrity by clicking on the photo of your choice to get all the information you need.

Keep in mind that these celebrities have the best makeup artists in the world - these professionals are masters at what they do. If you've ever seen a star WITHOUT makeup, you'll understand why. Some of the "before" and "after" photos are quite the transformations.

Keira Knightley- This is a great smokey eye makeup look for just about anyone. It's dramatic without being loud. Copy this for your next special occasion or romantic evening.

Nicole Richie- Her glamorous look puts a focus on her amazing eyes. This makeup look is easier and quicker to do than you might think.

Halle Berry- pull off the perfect evening face with a romantic pairing of gold and pink.

Jennifer Lopez- Not a blemish, not a freckle. Only picture-perfect skin will do. Copy her radiant Hollywood style.

Click here to view a different Jennifer Lopez look. This time copy her light, dewy, illuminated skin.

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Salma Hayek Never, ever look overdone with this look. With its emphasis on lips, it's a good look for most types. Give a try!

Lauryn Hill- Lauryn Hill's style is as trademark. Create your own trademark look from this spirited diva.

Mandy Moore- Create this shimmery look to remember.

Julia Roberts- Create your own version of this look and your smile will light up the room too!

Complete your look with a SEDU HAIRSTYLE. Do you know what "SEDU" is ? It's an important part of the polished celebrity look. Find out just how easy it is to get it. Click the link above for information on what the look consists of and how to get it.

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