Alright let's face it, most women want to be able to do their makeup quickly! Women and girls, are you always pressed for time? If so, a full fledge morning makeup makeover is out of the question, you need quick and efficient makeup application techniques. The 5min makeover is a perfect solution.

To pull off a 5 minute makeover in 5 minutes or less you need to first, get yourself in a quiet area where you can have little or no distractions. Then, have your makeup products organized and ready to go. If you have to dig around for them in your purse or makeup bag, remember, you are losing precious time. Thirdly, you need to have decided on the products you will use ahead of time. If you hymn and haw about it, don't have many high expectations about completing your makeup application in a timely manner. Get'r DONE! Make a decision on makeup colours and products and stick to it! Ready, set, GO!

Why I like the 5min makeover

Sometimes simple makeup application is better, especially for a 5 min makeover. This, personally, is my preference. Not too much fuss but just enough so that you feel good about the makeup you put on. Perfect for everyday wear. Basic, fresh, polished and brightening. Love it.

What I recommend you ditch

So, you want this 5min makeover to be quick and easy but you want a polished enough look so it doesn't REALLY look like you whipped everything up in record time. My advice - SKIP the FULL COVERAGE LIQUID FOUNDATION. Oh yeah. That's right, skip it.

Foundation application takes WAY too long to apply (for a 5min makeover that is). Well, you can apply it if you really want to but chances are you'll have streaks somewhere on your face you won't have noticed until halfway through the day when you take a 'touch up' break to check things over on your face. My makeup pet peeve is seeing a glob of liquid foundation on someone's face or seeing that it has not been blended into their hairline or eyebrows. Ahhh, drives me CRAZY! I find myself imagining taking a makeup sponge to smooth the mess out. Imagine that: "Excuse me while I fix your face!" SO please, do yourself a favour and wait until you can devote more time to applying foundation properly.
An alternative to liquid foundation is tinted moisturizer or a pressed powder foundation. Still good coverage with much less maintenance...and streaks.

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