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Are you currently struggling with makeup application techniques? Are you bored with your current look and searching for professional makeup tips to help improve and/or renew the way you look and feel about yourself?

Sometimes simply changing up our makeup application routine a tiny bit can make the best difference ever! Also, it might be a matter of reassessing the conventional beauty/makeup products you are using and HOW you use them to update your look. Switching one beauty item for another can even impact the end result drastically. For example, ever tried using a foundation brush or even a makeup sponge to apply your foundation instead of using your fingers? Something so minor can really give you a more polished look. Who doesn't like to feel more polished sometimes? ;-)

Perhaps you are also getting married and need some great bridal makeup application advice on makeup colours and makeup techniques to ensure you look stunning on your wedding day? With time, I will build a thorough directory of professional makeup artists, with reviews, links, photos, and all. If you would like to be one of the first, please send your info my way!

In the meantime, please browse through My intent is to share knowledge and to inspire you in every way possible. I hope to direct, educate and inspire. There is plenty of beauty and makeup advice here ranging from makeup colours for your particular skin tone, how to tackle dark eye circles (I'm a pro at this one), tackle easy smokey eyes, red lipstick application, dramatic eye makeup, natural beauty recipes and various eye makeup looks for your particular eye color? The possibilities are endless. Makeup for young women, middle-aged women, women of different races, cultures, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, etc. It's all here for all of you.

Be my guest, I am happy to have you. While you're here, please feel free to offer your feedback. I welcome that too!

This website will tackle so many makeup and beauty topics you are sure to learn something. You'll definitely thank me for it! :-)

The truth is, women need to see and appreciate their own youth and beauty through their unique features. I hope to improve your expertise and your confidence as you develop skill & knowledge. After all, WOMEN WHO HAVE CONFIDENCE, FEEL & LOOK MORE BEAUTIFUL!

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