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Are you ready to learn easy and useful makeup application tips and techniques?

OK, so you've seen one too many makeup technique website right? There are already so many that provide makeup application tips and techniques. So what makes OUR makeup information and beauty tips website different from all the others? What makes us so unique and valuable? Keep reading you'll see why.

The reason is this...and IT's LIKE NO OTHER.

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There is so much more we wanted to incorporate into this makeup website in addition to the makeup application techniques, dramatic eye makeup instructions, makeup colors, bridal makeup, natural makeup techniques, etc... Things can be a bit repetitious sometimes when searching for particular makeup tips and techniques but I promise, if you keep reading and poke around a little, you will see that offers you more than just makeup!

As much as we love talking about things like dramatic eye makeup, makeup artists, professional makeup tips, makeup artist schools, we want to stand out! So, apart from sharing our most popular, professional, successful and researched makeup tips, we want to empower you to be your BEST SELF. You are a valuable person and we need you to believe it! It's not just about the way you look ladies - it's how you feel on the inside too. The way we see ourselves can also have a HUGE impact on the outcome of your desired look.

On you can find natural makeup ideas, makeup colors for your particular skin tone, how to conceal dark eye circles (I'm a pro at this one), tackle easy smoky eyes, red lipstick application, dramatic eye makeup, natural beauty recipes and eye makeup colors for green, blue, brown eyes, etc.

Women of all ages come to us for all sorts of beauty tips and makeup application advice. We have professional advice for ageing skin, mature skin, acne prone skin, dry and oily skin. The advice we offer is always backed by sound research and expertise and always incorporate a very natural approach. As you will see, we also highly promote avoiding parabens in makeup and beauty products as well as harsh chemicals that will do more harm to your body and skin over time. I am passionate about educating all of you on the importance of taking preventative measures to avoid health issues.

Another great feature on our makeup website is our professional makeup artist directory for you area. If you would like to reach out to this makeup artist market, please submit a FREE listing please follow the link below. There are many brides looking for makeup artists for their wedding, for makeup lessons and bridal makeup consultations! If you are passionate about makeup in general and want to pursue a makeup artist career, there will soon be information on makeup schools here. Lots to come!

In the meantime, please browse through My intent is to share knowledge and to inspire you in every possible way!

To help make things easier and faster for you, type in what you are looking for in the Google Box below and find exactly what you need. Remember, we are striving to teach you about makeup application techniques, increasing self-esteem, makeup artist directory, awareness of chemicals in makeup and beauty products, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Ciao for now.

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